Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Stitching

I worked on my three little witches this past week.  I managed to get all the white bits stitched with the linen (white) floss that I had.  I think I have two strands about six inches long left over.  I bought two skeins of the carrot (orange) color and it's looking like one skein will do one witch.  I think I have some more carrot in my floss stash.  I'll have to check for it next time I'm at my parents house. (I have stash scattered between my house, my parents house, and my grandmas house.)
I managed to eek out some time to spend working on the Christmas Eve Fun stocking.  I'm thinking that I've got half of the sky done, and maybe a quarter of of the stocking done overall.  I guess I attack the other half of the sky next weekend.
I got a fair amount done on the donkey for my freestanding nativity.  He's mostly done, actually.  I was quite pleased to see that there weren't a lot of color changes like there have been on some of the other figures.  I still have the wise men to do, and they have a ton of color changes for such small figures.
And lastly, I put a few stitches into Crabby All Year.  As soon as I get the three little witches done this one will get moved up to the priority spot.


Daffycat said...

Such a nice variety of designs, Kay! I'm partial to Crabby All Year as I stitched it as my monthly stitch in 2009. I had loads of fun coming up with "Crabby" titles for my blog posts!