Monday, January 17, 2011

Calorie Count and Gym Report - 1/17/11

I was a dork and forgot to jot down the total calories expended at the gym today!

Eliptical Trainer: 46 minutes. Average Speed: 4.25 mph.
Treadmill: 25 minutes. Average Speed: 3 mph.
Weights with Trainer: 30 minutes.
According to FitDay, it's a total of 546.  I'm pretty sure that's a low estimate because I usually kill off about 10 calories a minute on the eliptical, and 120-ish with the trainer.  Oh well.  It's my fault for not making a note.

Calories Consumed: 1757.  Two hundred above my goal.  I'm pretty sure it was that lemon bar I ate while preparing dinner.  I need to be better about the whole snacking while cooking thing.

It's home weigh day tomorrow.  I'm thinking it's an even keel all things considered.


Astrid's dragon said...

Good for you! I'm just so lazy, I always find some excuse for not exercising. Maybe tomorrow I'll get out of bed early to go on the treadmill... maybe!