Monday, January 24, 2011

Calorie Count and Gym Report - 1/24/11

Ha ha ha, back to the boring, non-stitchy stuff.

Eliptical machine: 43 minutes (I got to the gym late!). Calorie Count: 443.
Weights with Trainer: 30 minutes. Calorie Count: 184.

Pedometer Report: 9713 steps.

Calories Consumed: 1531.  Woo-hoo! Hit the goal today.

A good friend pointed me in the direction of Celestial Seasonings flavored teas.  One of the things I miss most is hot chocolate and shortbread cookies at night.  Well, talk about your massive amounts of wasted calories.  I haven't yet found a good substitute for the cookies, but the flavored teas are doing well for replacing the hot chocolate.  I've gone crazy and picked up a couple of random assortments.  I haven't hit a flavor I don't like yet!

I did wander over to JoAnn's to pick up two flosses that I needed for Crabby All Year. I should be able to work on it some tomorrow.  I don't have anything planned for the evening.  So I guess I did do something stitchy related.  I also went to the library and checked out a couple of dog books by Jon Katz and a casserole cookbook.  All the slow-cooker books had been checked out already.  I'm hopeful to find a few things that look good and aren't full of fat and calories.  Although I'm pretty sure that fat+high calories=casserole.  But never mind.  I like to read cookbooks nearly as much as I like reading novels and such like.

In a random bit of thought, Lauren over at Sassy's Fabbys is doing a special hand dye for the new Halloween Rules that Lizzie*Kate is putting out.  It's super lovely and I really want to buy a piece in the 32 ct. Opalescent Belfast.  I just have to wonder how many other stitchers will be doing the same thing.  Oh well, it will be a full months worth of stitching allowance if I do go ahead and order the special cut.  And I want it so very badly!


Ziggyeor said...

Oh dear why oh why did I click that link?! Because you said Halloween. Do you have any idea how much Halloween I have in stash?! Geeze I'll have to save my pennies because those flip it's look adorable!