Friday, January 21, 2011

Calorie Count and Gym Report - 1/21/11

Happy Friday!  I made it to the gym five days in a row! Ya-hoo! So I met my go to the gym goal for the week.

Eliptical Machine: 53 minutes. Average Speed: 4.25 mph. Calories Burned: 551.
Weights with Personal Trainer: 30 minutes. Calories Burned: 200.
Pedometer reading: 8476, plus about 1000 because it doesn't read right on the eliptical. Not too shabby overall.

Calories Consumed: 1754.  I tried so hard to stay on goal.  And that worked until I got home to my parents house and found that it was pizza for dinner tonight.  340 calories for a slice of pepperoni, and 250 calories for a slice of hawaiian.  I should have stuck with the hawaiian and skipped the pepperoni all together.

And now I want a snack.  And I know there are peanut m&m's in Dad's office.  But I'm am trying to be good, and ignore the m&m's.  Really, really trying.