Monday, January 10, 2011

Gym Report 1/10/11

Here we go...

Eliptical Machine: 48 minutes.  Average Speed: 4.25 mph.  Calories: 500.
Treadmill: 25 minutes.  Average Speed: 3 mph.  Calories: 168.
Weights with Personal Trainer: 30 minutes.  Calories 223.
Pedometer Reading: 11,207.

Calorie Intake: approx. 2000.  That's 500 more than I'm supposed to have.  There's still a few chocolates from my Christmas stocking.  That's what put me over today.  I need to be better at eating one and not 5.

Tomorrow will be a better day!


Charity Bradford said...

Now, if you lived at my house you wouldn't have that problem. I hid my stocking full of candy and one of the kids stole it and ate it all!

I'm scarred for life. That was MY candy. They said they were trying to help me with my food goals. Whatever!