Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Calorie Count and Gym Report - 1/19/11

Made it to the gym again today.  Three days in a row!  That's a new record!  I forgot to move my pedometer from my jeans to my work-out pants, so I don't have an accurate count on steps for the day.

Eliptical Machine: 60 Minutes. Average Speed 4.25 mph.  Calories Burned: 619.

Calories Consumed:  Right now I'm at 1435.  The girls are coming over for stitchy-crafty night tonight, and I'm sure that after the peanut butter bars and lemon bars it'll be up in the 2000 range.  I have no self control when it comes to baked goods.

Yesterday's final calorie count came in at 1637.  The additional calories arrived in the form of a vanilla cupcake with vanilla cream cheese frosting.  My Aunt brought them home with her (she had a random selection of a half dozen) and shared.  Yummy!  The final step count for yesterday was 10937.  Pretty good!  I'm starting to think I've got the move more part down.  It's the eat less bit that I'm really having a hard time with.