Sunday, January 9, 2011

Weekend Stitching

I decided that in 2011 I'll get back to stitching on my Christmas stockings for the members of the family.  The last time I stitched on this one was back in April of 2010.  Here's where I left it.

I worked on this on Friday and Saturday.  I got tired of all the color changes on the house, so I attacked the trees and what-not behind the house.  Here's where I left off Saturday evening.

Yay!  Progress!
On Sunday, I worked a little bit on what will eventually be a nativity of cross stitched pieces.  I'm working on the Cow.  I usually only get an hour or so on this a week.  Slow but steady progress.  Here is Mr. Moo.

And just for fun, here's a picture of my stitching chair at my parents house.  I've laid claim to the smallest bedroom of their house for me when I visit them.  I even have a bit of stitchy stash there!  The chair is great!  It swivels and rocks.  There's an ottoman underneath my pattern where I spread out the flosses and what-not for what I'm working on.
It's a nice little corner.