Friday, January 21, 2011

A few stitches into the 3 witches

I didn't think this would be the "I went to the gym and sweated a lot" blog that it's turned into.  I really meant for it to be more of a stitching blog.  Really I did.  And so, here is the latest progress on Candy Corn by With Thy Needle & Thread.  (The lighting wasn't that great when I took the picture.)

I'm stitching over two on a 30 ct. linen by Weeks Dye Works.  I think the color is Angel Hair.  I'm using the called for Weeks Dye Works flosses.  This week I finished up the flowers, the brooms, and have started on the white bit of the candy corn.  I'm starting to be worried that I don't have enough of the white (linen) floss to finish up all three.  I'll have to get a bit more when February rolls around and I get another $20 to spend on this obession.