Thursday, January 20, 2011

Calorie Count and Gym Report - 1/20/11

Four days in row for the gym!  That hasn't happened in months!  Today for a change I hit the stair climber for about 20 minutes (all I can stand before beginning to think that I'm going to die), and then the treadmill.  I need to hit the stair climber a little more often because I have a goal...  I want to be able to do a rim to rim hike of the Grand Canyon in 1 day.  It's just barely under 26 miles.  So basically a marathon with about 7000 ft in elevation change from top to bottom.  I went hiking in September in Arches National Park and learned something.  While I can walk for hours on end on flat ground, add the great outdoors and a bit of elevation change, and I'm completely wiped out!!  So, more stair climber for me... If it doesn't kill me... Which it might.

Stair Climber: 20 minutes. Average 'speed': 3 mph. Calories Burned: 196.
Treadmill: 40 minutes. Average speed: 3 mph.  Calories Burned: 378.
Pedometer Reading: 8779 steps.  However, the pedometer doesn't count the steps taken on the stair climber.

Calories consumed:  1961.  What killed me today? 5 slices of chocolate orange: 230 calories.  Sour Cream and onion dip: 134 calories.  The good news is the dip is almost gone, yay!, and the chocolate orange is almost gone, yay!  I have this bad habit of not being able to throw bad food away.  To get rid of it, I have to eat it.  And I'm trying hard to not buy any new bad food.  (Glancing into the kitchen... Oh arrgh!  I bought mini pecan pie tartlets tonight!!! ArrrrRRRrrrRRrrrrRRrrrrrrrrgh! How does this happen? I don't remember throwing those into the basket. Many bad words!)

I think I'm going to go wander up and down my stairs for a few minutes now...