Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Stitching

Here we go.  Weekly wrap of and progress report for what I got done over the weekend. First up is Mr. Wiseman 1.  He's all done and all sparkles. This is my church project and this week a little gal about six years in age watched me intently (she was seated in the pew in front of me).  We kept being hushed by her mom.  But I had to answer the girls questions! Gotta start them out young!
I worked on Red White and Bloom a good chunk of the weekend as well.  I'm making good progress and I like the fabric I chose more and more.  It's definitely not something you'll see done by everyone. (Unless I start a trend, but I seriously doubt that happening.)


Kiri said...

Love the beading! Thanks for sharing your pics. Maybe I'll get over my fear of beads by the time I get that far on Mirabilia's Cinderella.