Monday, May 16, 2011

Weekend Stitching

I'm not very creative with my titles, eh.  Oh well.  The last time you saw Chirstmas Eve Fun, it looked a little like this:
I think that was two weeks ago.  Anyway, as I was plugging away on it this past Saturday, Dad asked if I ever count the number of stitches in a project and how many stitches were in something like this.  I said "A lot because each big square on the graph contains 100 stitches."  After he'd wandered off, I looked at my pattern and did some quick math on how many stitches I had left before I finished the project.  The number was big.  So big that I packed up the project and UFO'ed it for the time being. 

 Truth being told, I wasn't having much fun stitching on it.  And I was working on a lot of brown weeds.  I was tired of brown.  So I decided to start in on Halloween Rules by Lizzie*Kate.  I had all the stuff and it was all kitted up and ready to go!  The bummer... The first color to go on was brown.  A brown of about the same shade that I was previously working on.  But I persevered and made it through to the other colors.
I am stitching this over two on 32 count Wildberries Opalescent linen from Sassy's Fabbys and I love love love love this color.  Very much!

I got some progress done on the last Wiseman.  He's basically down to beads and should be done next week or so.
I found via the 123 Stitch message board that there is a SAL for Red White and Bloom group on facebook.  So I joined, and then ordered the pattern and supplies from 123 Stitch.  It should be ready to go by the end of the week.  123 had to backorder the pattern as it seems to be very popular.  No worries.  I should be able to get a few more squares done on Crabby All Year by then.


Laura said...

Wow! I am so impressed with your handiwork. I only do stamped cross stitch at this point :).