Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Stitching

I finished up Love Is by Shepherds Bush over the weekend.  I love it! And it was such a quick stitch for me.  There was just something about this that grabbed me and wouldn't let me put it down until I had finished it.  For now, it goes into my drawer of finished things to finish.

I put a few more stitches into Halloween Rules. Love love love the fabric. (Do I say that every time?) Sassy's Fabbys did a great job with this one!!

And I finally put a few stitches in to Red White and Bloom.  I was a little worried about the fabric before I started, but I think it's going to be a-okay!

Tonight I baked up a couple dozen sugar cookies.  I think I'll put some frosting on them tomorrow.  And then eat them.  All.  Even though I shouldn't.  I'll give you a picture of the finished project.


Laura said...

I love seeing all of your projects! And dozens of sugar cookies? Yum! I have some oatmeal cookies planned for tonight :).