Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A few momentos of Grandma

I got a call from my Aunts last week to come over and pick up a few momentos of Grandma.
In the back are a pair of Lenox vases, a bud vase and a small bouquet vase.  The little glass piece between them is something that LJ brought back from Stockholm for Grandma and I've always liked it, so she let me have it.  LJ also gave the tea cups to Grandma.  The one of the right with the purple flowers is for me, the one on the right with blue flowers is for my sister... But I like it so much she may never get it.  Underneath is all is a table cloth that is about the size for a card table.  The design is cross stitched on. We aren't sure if Grandma did the stitching or if it was done my my Great-Grandma Ora Rose, or the other Great-Grandma Flossie.  The Great-Grandma's were more inclined to make things like this, but it's not inconceivable that Grandma did it one summer when the family was out visiting her mother.