Monday, May 30, 2011

Sometimes I go a little bit crazy...

You see, I'm not normally a big fan of camping.  There's way too much cold and dirt.  I hate the smell of campfire smoke and I hate smelling like campfire.  And lastly, I really hate sleeping on the ground.  Ugh.  I want to be a fan of camping.  I like the idea of being outside and going walking about and seeing what there is to see.  I think I have a little bit of wanderlust in me.

Anyway I've been thinking about buying a tent to keep int he trunk of my car for emergency shelter.  The news about earthquakes and tornadoes and what-not has really got me thinking about getting my emergency preparedness kit all put together again.  If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear, sort of thing going on in my head.  So a couple of days ago I was at the mall looking for some unmentionables and walked past a display of small camper trailers.  I picked up a flyer and kept walking.

Later I got the flyer out and hit the web-site listed there on and read everything and watched all the videos.  This looks like the sort of thing that would work really well as emergency shelter.  And there would be no sleeping on the ground.  After pondering the sizes between the 5-Wide (queen sized sleeping area) and 6-wide (king sized sleeping area).  I decided on the 6-Wide.  Picture time!

5-Wide Teardrop.
6-Wide Teardrop.

Both of these trailers come in under 1000 lbs and can be towed with most cars.  But I decided that I needed a new car to haul my new trailer.  So I think I need one of these to pull my trailer around.  And The Little Guy will customize my trailer to match the paint of my vehicle.  Sweeeeeet!
That guy can haul 1500 lbs so I'm thinking I'm in good shape.  And then I spotted this beauty back on The Little Guy web page. It's a 6-Wide Sport model.
Ah yes. Something to haul around an ATV of some sort.  I do know that I like ATV's and I like zipping up and down trails on them.  This is good.  This is very good.  So off I went looking at what sort of ATV to aquire for my emergency shelter.  I've narrowed it down to two.  The more traditional ATV version.
Or the side by side configuration so I can take along a pal.
What sort of pal?  Why, one of these, of course.
Unfortunately, my weight on the trailer has now exeeded the towing capacity of my tow vehicle.  The sport trailer is 1400 lbs unloaded.  I'm pretty sure the ATV weighs more than 100 lbs (duh) plus any gear that I'm going to need for camping (er, emergency shelter).  I've gotta rethink the tow vehicle.  But I don't want a huge monster of a tow vehicle, the point is to have a smallish car to tow the smallish trailer... I wonder if I can stuff a diesel into the CRV for more torque and towing power.

So there you go.  I've gone crazy.  I figure if I get a trailer that keeps me off the ground and is easy to keep warm I might like camping... And have shelter in case of emergency. (As far as money spent goes... $0.  But that's the best part of dreaming.)


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Charity Bradford said...

Gotta love dreaming! nice dream too.