Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Yeah, that makes no sense to me either.  I've been going to town on Love Is by SB.  I'm about a quarter of the way done with it.  I like that you can see how the linen has a bit of a mottled feel too it in this photo.

It's just so cute!!

I had a job interview this morning down at the south end of the valley.  On my way back north I decided to stop in at The Craft Center of Fine Stitchery and see if they had the pattern for Red, White, and Bloom.  They did, but reason got the best of me, because I'm waiting for 123 Stitch to send me the copy that I ordered from them.  No need to have two of the same pattern.  Instead I picked up these little goodies (except the scissors).

A little wooden laying tool (something that I've been wanting to try out), a cute chart from Country Cottage Needleworks, and a pink bowl with clear glass flower frog for scissor display. The folks at the CCoFS hunt all over for those glass frogs and match them up with bowls, cups, vases, and what not.  Every time I got in to see what they have, they have been out of them.  I was very surprised to find that this on hadn't been purchased by someone else and taken home.

I just adore it!  I'm thinking on making a little mat to go in the bottom of the bowl so that I don't dull the point of my scissors when I put them in the frog.

I've been having second thoughts over the fabric I chose to do Red, White, and Bloom on.  Here it is with most of the flosses:
So what do you ladies think?  Too dark? Too strange? I thought a gingham would just be charming with that design but now I'm having second thoughts... I don't know... Maybe if it were a bit lighter in colors? I'll consult with the girls when they come over for Stitchy-Crafty night, but I'd like your input as well.