Monday, February 28, 2011

Weekend Stitching

Hi y'all!

I had adventures in stitching this weekend.  Or maybe it should be adventures in frogging to be more truthful.  I was just finishing up the gold tree trunks when I realized that I had been using light gold, and not light gold brown.

Arrrrrrrgh!  So out it all had to come.

Much better.  And restitch with the correct color, and a bit of progress for the weekend.

Look! Look! I got to move my hoop down! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!  I'll soon get to move to the lower half of the pattern. Yaaaaaaaaay!

I got some good work in on the first of the three Wisemen.  He's actually listed as Wiseman 3 on the pattern, but I decided to start with him. There are tons of beads on him so far.  Too bad they don't show up very well in the picture.

I'm moving along on Crabby All Year now that I finished up the Candy Corn witches.  I might be able to complete one square a week if I'm good and stay off of the computer more than I have.  I'll take a picture later this week for an update.


Astrid's dragon said...

That's coming along nicely! I thought the trees looked fine in the first one, but then when changed, I did like it better.