Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crabby Progress

I've been putting in some serious time on this piece.  Now that it's higher up in rotation I'm feeling pretty good about getting it down in time for Christmas.  The goal is to complete a block a week, and as you can see, I'm well on my way to getting the block for this week done.

For my stash budget for March, I bought the linen to stitch L*K's Halloween Rules from Sassy's Fabbys.  I was having a hard time trying to decide what order to go about buying the stuff and decided to buy the patterns last.  That way I can start right in on it as soon as I get the patterns, no waiting for another month to order flosses or fabric or what not.  I ordered a little extra fabric so I can stitch the top border portion for my SIL's for next Christmas. (Planning too far ahead, maybe?)

In other, random goings on, it's come time to get my house on the market.  Therefore it's time to get my house ready for market.  (Can there possibly be a worst time to put a house on the market??) I've been shredding a lot of old old old bills and papers and such.  Partially because I don't want to move them again, and partially because I need the closet space that they have been taking up for storing stuff I need to keep.  I'm hoping next week, or so, to get all my pretty knick-knacks put away.  I'm starting to make a list in my mind of things I need to send to charity, or maybe sell, or give away.  Is anyone in need of a couple of old school tube tv's (Two 27 inches, One 19 inches.), a pair of bar stools, a small 1940's era night stand, and perhaps a treadmill?  Locals only! I'm not shipping tv's around the world!  I'm sad to say that my stash is small enough to need no clear out... Or maybe that's a good thing!