Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Holy Frosty Pops, Batman! It's cold out side!!

My poor heater just couldn't keep up with it last night.  The thing just ran, and ran, and ran, and never did get up to the temperature that the thermostat is programed for.  I hate to see what the gas bill is going to be.  The main problem is that my house is a sieve.  I have a fond dream of buying new windows for the place, but right now, it isn't feasible.

Anyway, I was stitching away on the sofa, thinking "I'm cold!!" so I turned to look at the thermometer that I have next to me.

 At first I thought it was wrong.  No way was it 90 degrees outside!  But I looked again.  That's 9 degrees.  Brrrrr....  But inside it's only 58 degrees.  Brrrrrrr... (I do have in mind to get Christmas all put away by Valentines day... ... Or maybe this will be another year when I leave it up all year...  We'll see...)  I put down my stitching and decided to go upstairs where it's usually a few degrees warmer.
A few degrees warmer, but it's still 'evil' cold. (Hey look! The temp went up .1 of a degree outside!!)  I turned on the electric blanket, cranked it up to high, and climbed into bed.  It was just too cold to do anything.  I hate cold.  It's this time of year I get to wishing I could be a snowbird and head to warmer climbs.


Astrid's dragon said...

Brrrr, and I thought our house was cold! I don't mind sitting with a robe & blanket, but don't like it when my fingers are cold - makes it hard to stitch. Woodburning stove helps, but that means I'm normally the one who has to keep it going! Keep warm.