Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weekend Stitching

You know I've been spacing it when it takes three days to get the weekend stitching report up.

Christmas Eve Fun got the most of my focus this weekend.  More night sky fill in and a few more trees added to the mix.  It's nice to see this from a step back perspective.  I sometimes think that it's not looking like much of anything when I'm stitching on it.  Progress is going to slow down a lot as I move down the piece.  More and more color changes and more full cross stitches instead of the half cross stitches that most of this fill work has been.

Since I finished Mr. Donkey last week, I made a start on Sheep #2.  I got quite a lot done on him in the hour or so that I had to work on him.  Every other stitch is a bead.  Lots and lots of beads.  I managed to knock over my little bead container while stitching too.  I'm afraid I didn't catch too much of the Sunday School lesson as I was trying to get all the beads back in the container and off of the pew.

I decided to try to photograph in natural light this week.  Everything I've read says that it's a good idea.  The colors are more true to what they really are.  I took my pictures in the late afternoon, and thus the deep shadows. I'll just pretend that it makes the pictures more arty.