Saturday, August 20, 2011

Catch up on Stitching

On Monday I finished up the piece I was doing for the L*K Monday Stitch-A-Long.  I like the way this turned out.  Very cute.  I have it pinned to the back of my door until I can finish it off as a wee banner to hang on the front of my door... My bedroom door, that is, and I've moved back home with Mom and Dad.

See, way cute.  I also managed to finish off the Leaves block on my Crabby All Year and start in on the Zombies! block.  Only three more to go and then it's time to start putting the buttons on.  I've got to save up a wee bit of money so I can get it framed for Mom before Christmas arrives.  I'd better get it done soon so there's enough time to get it framed!

On Sunday, the Wisemen got a little more work done on them.  I added the back stithcing for the tree, the star, and a lot more snow.  Unfortunately the snow doesn't so up so well in the pictures.  Just use your imagination.

The at work project, Bless Out House, also saw some good time put into it.  This is due mostly to a network outage we had.  I couldn't do anything but sit and stitch while waiting for the IT guys to get everything up and running.  Everything that I do at work is network related.  Looking at the data in the old database and comparing it to the data in the new database.  So anyway...

Since I finished off my Monday project it was time to start a new one.  Did I choose any of those patterns that I bought floss for the other day?  Heck no!  I went with L*K's ABC Christmas.  This is a restart for me.  I started it last year and decided I didn't like the fabric I choose.  Here is last years start:

Granted the fabric isn't bad.  In fact it's down right pretty and suitable for the piece.  But for some dumb reason I decided I didn't like it.  Here is what I am going to stitch it on now.  This is 28 count Raw-Gold Belfast linen.  There's just something about the Raw-Gold that I love for L*K and Christmas.

Now I'm going to go back and edit my earlier post because I forgot a thought or two!

Hugs and Stitches