Saturday, March 19, 2011

Weekend Sewing

Big HELLO! to my new followers!

Sometimes I sew.  Not often, but sometimes.  This is a project that uses three charm packs plus four fat quarters for the star bits.  It is about twin size, and I need to add the borders to it.  But that requires help from Mom.  I'll take it home next weekend and ask her to help. (Does the picture enlarge when you click on it?  I've always wondered that.)

I learned that I have serious problems when it comes to triangles.  Though you can't see it in the photo, none of my points match up.  Also the line choice doesn't have a lot of contrast, so it's hard to see where the stars actually are. (Here's a hint, they are purple with green for the non star bits.)  However, I love the line and therefore love my little quilt.  I saw some super cute flannel at a quilt store a few weeks ago.  It was pink with line drawn, cartoony, elephants on it.  Adorable!  I want to put that on the back of this.  Cozy.  Then I'll quilt it up on Mom's big 'ole long arm machine.  I wonder if she has a fun flower pantograph pattern... At least, I think that's what it's called.

I think I have enough fabric of this line stashed away for another quilt.  One that will be queen sized.  Oh, the fabric line is Eden by Moda.  I think they've quit making it.  For the queen sized quilt, I'll be making 90 blocks that are a 9 patch, and 80 blocks that are a friendship star.  More triangles on that star.  Hopefully my triangle skillz will improve.

I'm so confused about the date.  I keep thinking that it is Sunday night when it's really Saturday night.  I came back up from my parents house a day early to get the spare tv's off to their new home.  I keep thinking that I'll be off to Grandma's in the morning to take care of her during the day.  Not so, I've got all of Sunday to do whatever. 

I think next week will be the last week of shredding old paperwork and filing the keep stuff.  I just have one bankers box sized pile to go through.  After that, I guess we start packing up the knick-knacks and depersonalizing the space.  I'll have to start making a list of the next batch of big pieces that need to find new homes.  (A pair of end tables, and old church pew, a wooden plant stand w/ drawer, maybe the daybed in the loft, the consul table behind the sofa, a four drawer tall dresser...) There will also be a list of knick-knack stuff that needs to find a new home. (Any Partylite collectors our there?  I've got a plethora of Global Fusion pieces.)  I need to learn how to sell stuff on e-bay.  And e-bay terrifies me. (Don't ask.)

The thing is, there just isn't that much storage space at my parents house (except for the garage, and I know that Dad doesn't want to park his car out of the garage.)  It's nice that they are willing to take me in. Again. I kinda though this would be my forever home when I moved in five years ago.  Cursed economy.