Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Midweek Crabby Update

We'll start with a picture of Crabby All Year.  I've given it lots of time this week, and I'm worried that I won't get this block done, this week.  I must be one of the slow stitchers.  There is so much fill around the tax form and I'm tired of the blue-grey color already.  Bah Humbug! 

Sorry about the non excellent photo.  I just put it down on the sofa here and took the picture.  Tonight is stitchy-crafty night with some of my girlfriends.  I'm going to take this along to work on.

Here's something I'm more excited about.  I received my fabric for Lizzie*Kate's Halloween Rules from Sassy's Fabbys on Monday.  Lauren was so sweet to write a note that said both of the fabrics were dyed in the same lot, but the opalescent fabric dyed darker.  Here they are side by side:

I love love love love love how the opalescent fabric took the color and wish the non opalescent fabric looked the same... But not enough to bother sending it back for a re-dye.  The non opalescent fabric is for a mini halloween rules that I think I'll stitch up for my SIL's for their 2012 Christmas present.  The opalescent fabric is for my full version.  I've been debating on whether to let the SIL's decide on which rules they want, or just choose for them.  Maybe if I let them choose it'll add variety to the project when I start working on it.  Here's a bigger bit of the opalescent fabric, just 'cause I like it so very much.  The color here is a bit more grey than the fabric actually is.

I picked up a copy of Healthy Cooking magazine by the folks at Taste of Home the other day.  On the cover is a picture of bacon chicken alfredo.  It looks soooo yummy.  I need to split up the batch of chili I made the other day into individual portions and freeze them so I have room in the fridge for leftovers.  I'm feeling inspired again to try to cook something new.  I do hope it turns out better than the gnocci experiment!

I don't know about you, but I'm having the darnedest time adjusting to daylight savings time.  This spring forward thing is just not my friend.  It'll be about 2 in the afternoon and I'm ready for a nap.  We had a storm roll in last night, and the wind shook the house and rattled the bathroom vents.  I didn't get much sleep for the noise.  I got up in the middle of it an went downstairs into the craft room, puttered around putting things away and fondling stash.  It feels like a day to read and not so much stitch.  I'm pretty sure the frog will pay a visit if I try to stitch today on four hours of sleep.

Speaking of reading, I finished up The Fellowship of the Rings last night before I tried to get some sleep.  Maybe I'll get the dvd's of the movie out and give it a watch when I sit down to do the next bit of shredding/sorting/filing on the house clean-out.

Oh hey... It's Wednesday, isn't it. I guess I'll wander over to Leigh Ashely and get the Wee bit 'o me questions and answers up.


Astrid's dragon said...

Love that fabric! I like the way they both turned out differently.

Bernice said...

love your blog