Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tuesday's Hardanger Class

This past week was crazy busy, so I'm going to break up the events into their own little posts.  I hope you don't mind.

Tuesday started things off with Hardanger Class.  I had a good time this week.  We started out learning the hem stitch, the nun stitch and then the button hole/blanket stitch.  I misread the direction for the hem stitch and ended up cutting away the wrong side of the stitching. Oops.  Good think I was just working on a sample/practice piece.

We then did some faggoting (?) and I started to work some kloster blocks to do some wheels and woven spkes.  I didn't quite get finished because we ran out of time.  Our instructor gave us some homework to do over the Thanksgiving holiday.  We are to design and execute something on the bit of fabic she gave us with the provided pearl cotton.

I'm not all that interested in the whole tone-on-tone thing, so I'm thinking of doing something with a little a lot more color.  And I already know that JoAnn's doesn't carry much on the way for color in pearl cotton in the 8 and 12 sizes.  Look like a trip to a stitchy shop is in order.

I have been thinking of figuring out and doing a scalloped border on my homework 'masterpiece' using the button hole stitch. I'm pretty sure it can be done and might even turn out looking awesome.  But actually doing the math and figuring it all out will take time away from Flower Power.  That doesn't make me happy... This whole homework thing doesn't make me happy for the time I won't be stitching on Flower Power.

One last note about hardanger class.  My instructor is an anti-hoop Nazi.  You are to never, ever, ever, never to use a hoop with linen!  Ever!  Oi vey do I ever get the evil eye when I hoop up my practice linen.  But my stitches have much better tension and are way move uniform and even when using a hoop than when stitching in hand.  We just don't see eye to this... or the whole tone-on-tone thing either.

Hugs and Stitches


Mangogirl said...

I'm with you on the tone on tone effect. Though I think it looks gorgeous the more colour I can have the happier I am :)