Saturday, November 19, 2011

Friday night and Saturday

All day Friday at work I was thinking that I would finally get to come home and do some stitching.  Wrong!  Mom had volunteered us to help out at the wedding reception for the daughter of one of our neighbors.  Our neighbors are caterers and they put on a pretty large spread at their receptions.  It's typically a family run operation but since they are all front of the house greeting family and friend, the neighbors pitch in and help out back of the house. 

I helped keep the fruit and veggie platters neat and stocked, and helped out with the cheese and cracker platters as well.  Some times I helped load canapes onto trays for the neighbor boys to take out and pass around to the guests.  It was a lot of fun to visit with my neighbors and help out.  I didn't get much of the meal that they served, but I did manage to get a couple a crepes from the crepe station.  One had bananas and nutella in it, the other had sweet cream in it.  I added strawberries and whipped cream.  Totally yummy!

Today, after working my morning shift in the temple, I had to run a few errands.  A trip to Target was in the works to pick up a perscription, but I can't go to Target and just walk in and walk out.  No no no no no.  I must wander around and look at practically everything!  As I was checking everything out, I started to ponder the state of our Christmas Stockings.  The stocking themselves are fine... It's the contents that need a little help.  (Last year, I pondered the same thing at about the same time my Mom was thinking about it.  We came to two completely different solutions.  Her solution was to scrap putting anything in the stockings at all!!!  My solution was to buy some fun little toys, simple snapper type fireworks, and holiday themed candy.)  So I circled the toy department and picked up some this and that.

I decided to go to JoAnn's and see what they had on the way of 5 size pearl cotton since I'd about convinced myself that I'd need some in that size along with the 8 and 12 I bought on Thursday.  They had the colors I wanted, plus a few other things that I added to the collection of stocking stuffers. (All pictured above.)

I've been pondering a bit about making something to stick my threaded needles into as I'm stitching.  This method is working pretty well:

But I'm thinking of something more box like.  In the Jewelry asile I found some nice sized boxes that were on sale, so I picked up a package.  I went looking for some styrofoam sheets, but didn't see any.  I know Hobby Lobby has it, so I'll wander by there when I'm ready to make up my holder.  I'm thinking I can cut the styrofoam  sheet to fit inside of the box, and then using Excel make up a grid so I can write the color and symbol of the colors on, and leave a space to put the needle.  I've got it all worked out in my head, I just need to get around to doing it.

I did get the pearl cottons I wanted.  They do carry and okay selection and I was lucky to have picked out the most common colors when I bought my 8 and 12 cottons on Thursday.  I think I'm about ready to attack the hardanger homework... I just need to grid up the fabric and go to town.  Still pondering on that scalloped edge though... I picked up some needles (because I always do when I go into JoAnn's) and some dimensional stickers that I think I'll use to make another of my home made needle minders.

And then I've blogged about my whole week, and Saturday is about done and I haven't gotten to the stitchy chair!  Although, amazingly enough, I did manage to fit in a little bit of stitching.  I'm starting to see the end of Something Wicked.  But like most projects, I keep thinking I'll be done with it sooner than what is actually taking place.

That boot is just crazy awesome!  I also managed to get a few hours in on Flower Power.  I've started to add the Shasta Daisys.  The shading is just amazing, and doesn't really photograph at all.

I know I mentioned it before, but I really am thinking about stitching nothing but Christmas stuff in December.  I have most of the L*K Santa's that are crying out to be stitched.  Plus several of the Mill Hill diamond ornament kits.  I would love to have an ornament tree, but I don't have any ornaments!  (For some crazy reason, when I look at a small pattern I think "That will take too long." but when I look at a big pattern I think "No problem!")  I'm going to have to start somewhere with making ornaments to have an ornament tree.  Maybe this December is the time to start.

Okay, I'm going to hush-up now.  Y'all have a great weekend.
Hugs and Stitches,


Kaisievic said...

Great post - full of lots of interesting news.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

cucki said...

yup..very lovely post..and full of beautiful stitching and news xx

Blu Stitcher said...

Your stitching is wonderful. Whats your pogo name, I would love to send you a mini gift? My pogo name is Happypng1