Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thursday evening with MD

Earlier in the week I had made plans to meet up with MD for dinner.  She had some questions about a cross stitch project she was working and needed some help.  Since she has a newish work schedule, she can't make Crafty-Stitchy night anymore.  (I'm trying to get her addicted to cross stitch.)

Originally, I was going to be a good girl and go to the gym after work, before meeting for dinner.  But the obsession with finding colored pearl cotton was starting to take over.  So I skipped the gym and we met at The Craft Center of Fine Stitchery.  I found the pearl cottons I wanted in 8 and 12 sizes.  Now that I'm thinking about it, I should have picked up some 5 size as well.  Hrm...

While there, I happened across a pattern for some beautiful purple pansies, so I had no choice but to buy it, along with the few skeins of Anchor floss called for.  (I have practically nill stash of Anchor.)  I also bought some 28 ct. waterlilies linen to stitch it on.  The owner of the shop helpfully enabled me into picking up another pattern with pansies in it, (this one by Lavender and Lace), and I bought some more waterlilies linen for it.

I then made the mistake of wandering past their Curio of Wonders... And had to bring home a bowl made of pink iridescent glass with a flower frog on it.  Love it! Mine!  I also picked up a Christmas Needle Minder.  What are the two things I love?  That's right, Christmas and Pansies.

MD picked up a packet of needles and some floss away bags.  I couldn't talk her into anything else.  Talk about serious discipline!

Purchases made, we went to dinner at a Paradise Bakery that was just down the road a bit.  We ate and chatted for a couple of hours and I was able to answer all of her cross stitch questions. 

Next door to Paradise Bakery is a World Market.  I went into one of these once when I was living in the North Bay area of California, but it's been so long that I can't recall much about it.  MD was looking for some Lady Grey tea and I went along for the fun of it.  Talk about an adventure for a (practically) first timer!  All sorts of food stuffs from all over the globe!  Awesome!

I was doing good and resisting all the sweet treats until I came to asile with Aussie cookie (biscuits)...  They had Tim Tams!  Real ones made by Arnott's!  Not the (pretty good) ones that Pepperidge Farm makes and you can only get around the holidays.  I love Tim Tams.  They are one of my favorite cookies (biscuits).  And you know what I did... I resisted.  That's right.  I stared down the Tim Tams and didn't pick any up.  The reason is... If there is an open package, there is an empty package.  I just couldn't take the risk of a full on pig-out this close to the holiday eat-fest.  I examined all of the other Aussie cookies (biscuits) and decided to give the Caramel Crowns a go.

They have caramel in them, and I love caramel.  I'm sad to say, that the Caramel Crowns induced a Tim Tam like pig-out once the package was open.  At least they made it home to get it's picture taken.  I do love me some Aussie cookies (biscuits).

I got a little surprise when I unwrapped the bowl from the tissue paper that it was wraped in.  There's no bottom to the bowl!  In fact, after closer inspection... I think it was origanally used as a pendent light fixture.

It's still very pretty, but now I am trying to figure out how to add a "bottom" to the bowl.  I suppose I could glue another piece of glass or a mirror to the opening... but I don't want it to be permanent-permanent, just mostly permanent.  Something that I could take apart if I wanted to.  I shall have to think on this some.  (At this point in time I'll have to say I'm probably a little crazy.)

There was also another little surprise when I was setting things out to be photographed.  There are MORE pansy patterns available!!!  I think I need them all.  Maybe I need to stitch pansies for a month or so and get all caught up with my flowers again.

Hugs and Stitches,


Mangogirl said...

I love those caramel biscuits :D and timtams :D They are so yummy! Thankfully I don't buy them very often but I can just walk to the shop.

I love your pansies they look lovely especially in purple.

cucki said...

yumyy biscuits..i love caramel biscuits too..
sweet pansies and lovely colors threads..have fun xx

Stitching Noni said...

Hi Kay! Love those purples for your pansies. Pansies are such sweet little flowers. We have had some growing in pots over the last couple of months but they are finishing now... :o( Will miss their cheery little faces...
I haven't forgotten that I promised you Tim Tams when I won your giveaway... although now that you have discovered Caramel Crowns I might have to send you those instead!! :o)