Saturday, November 19, 2011

Rig Demo day Wednesday

*Warning* Picture intensive post. ... I don't know what got into me.

On Wednesday the marketing department at work hosted an event for all of us desk jockeys to see (up close and personal) a pair of the rigs we use to make money. (Us desk jockeys just cost money.)  On Tuesday morning the rigs were rolled into the parking lot and set up.  It was fun to walk over to the window to see what was going on for a little break here and there. Wednesday we got to wander around, check out the rigs, eat sandwiches, sip hot chocolate, and munch on tasty cookies.  Good times.

This is the smaller of the two rigs they brought in.  It costs roughly 1.4 million dollars and is more of a multi-purpose, starter machine.  It is used for drilling for shallow natural gas, water wells, and some minerals.

Small rig, looking at the drilling tower:

And here is a more side view of the same rig.  I thought I got a picture of it head on, but missed that somehow.

The second rig that was brought in is more of a specialty rig.  It is pretty much used only for water well drilling and costs about 1.5 million dollars.  It can begin with a hole about 48 inches in diameter and steps down from there.  I've forgotten what the stat was for how deep it can drill, but the fellow telling us about it said that a similar rig to this helped with the rescue of the Chilean miners.  This rig is on it's way to Peru after it passes it's final testing.

Big rig from the front.  Those tires are almost as tall as I am!

Here is a look at where the drilling action takes place. I have no idea what any of that 'stuff' is.

Looking up at the tower.  The white line coming from the tower is actually a contrail.  You can see the tower to the smaller rig in the back ground.

Here is a more full picture of the big rig.  The guys in the safety vests are some of the people who were telling us about the rigs.  They didn't extend the tower to full vertical because it was partially set up to be shipped out for it's trials and they didn't want to have to undo and redo that packaging.

This is a picture of the rigs from the fifth floor window by my little cube. 

Hey! I can see my car from here!  Here is a slightly zoomed in view of the big rig (the one on the left in the above picture).

And a bit closer view of the little rig (the one on the right of the picture with the two of them).

I also got some free stuff at the event.  An insulated coffee mug, which I eventually gave to a co-worker who didn't get one.  I figured she'd use it more than I would since I don't drink coffee and have no real need for an insulated mug.  But I have a picture of it to prove that I was at one point in my possession.

I also picked up a beanie/took/skull cap/what-have-you with the BLY spinner on it and a notebook with the rules of safety for operating a rig.  I do love paper products.

And lastly a picture of a girl with a goofy grin standing to the side of the big rig.

Hugs and Rigs!