Sunday, November 13, 2011

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This week I had to fight the battle with my bank and visa card.  I've had payments set up from the bank to the visa for years, but for some reason this past month something went horribly wrong.  The payment went out on the date assigned, a full week before the due date, but visa didn't receive a payment.  Arrrgh!!!  So I had to call the bank and find out what happened there.  Then call the visa folks and tell them what happened, and arrange for an immediate payment, grovel to have the late fee removed and so on and so forth.  The bank is going to pay the late fee and the interest accrued since I always pay off the visa in full each month.  But still annoying and frustrating.

On the happy side of thing, Hardanger class was this week.  We focused on kloster blocks and doves eyes in class.  I had a nice time chatting with my BFF and the other ladies who were at class.  Here is my sample fabric.  The beige and blue stuff to the left is what I did in class.  The pink and purple is stuff I did for practice at home.

I need to spend some more time working on my Doves eye stitches.  I discovered earlier that I was doing them wrong.  But I've re-read the instuctions and I think I've got the idea of them now.  I should do some blanket stitching too... but I'd much rather work on Flower Power instead.

Speaking of Flower Power, I didn't get to work on it this week as much as last week.  And Hardanger class and practice ate up two nights that I normally stitch on it.  I did finish up the back stitching on my humming bird.  The wing back stitching was a whole lot of fudging it since I missed three stitches in the middle some where.  I then started in on the white Shasta Daisies.

I love love love my Stitchmate.  It has made stitching on this large project so easy and convienient.  I'm starting to get the hang of two handed stitching.  I may never be super speedy at it, but we're coming along quite nicely.

Here is about three weeks of work on Something Wicked.  I missed taking a progress picture of it last week when I was sick and left it at work.  Just a little more boot and a few words to go and it will be all done.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it once it's done as my margins to the left and right are very very narrow.

And it looks like I missed posting progress on the Heirloom Nativity last week.  I didn't take it with me today, so no progress from today.  But last week it gained a sheep and some foreground stuff.

That pretty much sums up that.  You all have a good week.
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Blu Stitcher said...

All of your projects are wonderul

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your wips. They all look beautiful.

Kaisievic said...

Hi Kay, you are going great guns on all your WIPs. Lovely!

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

cucki said...

hello dear, all your projects are growing so lovely..have a lovely xx

Mangogirl said...

Wow that's lot of projects. your hardanger is looking lovely.