Saturday, September 24, 2011

What I stitched, this week.

It was kind of a slow week for stitching.  The only day I put in some serious time was Monday for the L*K SAL.  I was moving the hoops so I took a picture while it was out.  It's kind of fuzzy because I was too lazy to stand up and get the proper distance between the camera and the stitching.  I am stitching this on 28 ct Raw-Gold linen.  It also comes in 32 ct.  I bought about a yard of each from Shepherds Bush a year or so ago.  I love it that much.

I put a strand of floss in here and there on Crabby All Year.  Just the one block left, and it's a massive block of color.  I shouldn't dread it, it's not brown, I love blue, and yet I'm a bit resistant to stitching on this.  Go figure.  I think I'll make a big push to finish next weekend during General Conference.

I'm also very close to finishing up Bless Our House.  I was able to put some good time into it at work this past week.  I think another week and it will be all done.  If it's not all done, it will be close enough that I'll just finish it up when I bring it home on Friday to photograph.

That's about it for this week.  I did buy some super sexy shoes (and wore them to work with jeans on Friday):

And colored my hair a darker brown/red (I was going to include my eyes here, but I kept scrunching up my forehead all funny, so the eyes got cut):

Both of which my trainer really liked.  Although he decided we needed to work on my calves a bit more, so they got the most focus on Friday.  I was okay walking this morning, but after spending a good chunk of time in the car to run up to Shepherds Bush and back this afternoon, my calves are about to kill me.  I can hardly walk across a room.

Oh yeah, I went to Shepherds Bush this afternoon with BFF Lisa.  I'll post about my treasures tomorrow.  I need to crawl over into bed.

Hugs and Stitches,


Charity Bradford said...

Awesome hair color and I love the shoes. Good for you!

I drove in the car for a total of 600 miles yesterday--temple trip (South Carolina) and then I cut across to Atlanta, Georgia for a book release party before heading home to North Carolina. I'm beat, but it sure was fun.