Sunday, September 25, 2011

Shepherds Bush and Stash

So yesterday afternoon, my BFF Lisa and I made the trek from Provo to Ogden to Shepherds Bush.  Lisa was in need of some specialty fibers, and I went along for the ride.  Don't get me wrong, I did have a list of things I wanted to get, but nothing was pushing the issue, so I didn't have to go.

At any rate, we planned to leave Provo at 1 get there around 2:30 or so, and have a good couple of hours of browsing before heading back home.  Well, things never go quite as one plans so we didn't leave here until closer to 2:30, but traffic was good, and we got there just after 3:30.  They close at 5, so still plenty of time to browse... Except for the sign on the door that said they were closing at 4 for a family reunion.  Realistically that left us with 20 minutes to get the things on our list and get back on the road.  I've never spent less than an hour in there!  Twenty minutes was going to be pushing it.

First on the list, fabric for Flower Power.  I'd been getting nowhere calling up the various hand and specialty dyers that exsist.  So I gave up and hit the mass of shelves of fabric.  I settled on a 28 count linen in French Lavender.  It's a lovely soft shade, and I think will speak evening/dusk like I want it.  Teri and Tina both did a "Whoa! That's huge!" reaction when I pulled out the pattern and told them what size of fabric I needed for this.  Now I just need to gather up the DMC flosses for the first batch of flowers and I will be good to go!

Next on the list was fabric and floss for Quaker Christmas II: Songs of the Season.  The fabric was no problem, and after looking at the called for flosses, I decided they would be good to go.  The only problem is that you need 5 skeins of the green, and 23 skeins of the red!  Twenty Three skeins!!!  They only had 7.  So I ordered 23 skeins from them so that they will all be from the dye lot when they come.  I'm starting to wonder if I have completely lost my mind...

Third on the list is the flosses to stitch Something Wicked up.  The fabric came from Jennifer in a give away win (woot!), and the pattern is borrowed form Lisa.  I decided a nice purple boot, brown lettering, and green socks would do nicely.  I also picked up some spider buttons and a bat to add to the piece.  This is going to be my next at work project, bumping the Bouquets Sampler back one.

Since the Bouquets Sampler is so narrow and long I decided it would be better to put it on Qsnaps instead of in my usual hoop.  I dug out the set of snaps I had and realized that it was just a 6x6 square, not much bigger than the hoops I normally use.  I'm also missing one of the clamp bits.  It's around here somewhere, I just have to figure out which box it's packed up in.  Anyway... I bought an 8x8 and a 17x17 set so I can mix and match to make the size I want to stitch with. Definately on the list.

What wasn't on the list are those two scissors you see above.  The purple ones are Ashley, and I have another pair of them, and love them.  Purple with purple flowers.  How could I say no to another pair?  The red ones are Sonia and I must admit that I bought them because they were there.  I'll have to dig out my box of beading stuff and make a couple of fobs for these two scissors.

Lisa showed an amazing amount of restraint and just bought the flosses she came to the shop for.  Such self-control!  I need to learn that.  Or cut up the credit card. ... Which wouldn't do much good because I have the number memorized.

Hugs and Stitches,

Oh... and uh... Merry Christmas in 3 months!!! (Or 91 sleeps.)