Friday, September 30, 2011

A weeks worth of stitching, again.

Another super creative title, there...

I got to do a happy dance on Thursday. I finished stitching Bless Our Home by Country Cottage Needleworks. I used the called for flosses and stitched over 2 on a 32 count linen, the color of which escapes me right now. I hadn't put the eyes on the dog, or the legs on the bird when I took the picture. But no worries, they are seeing and standing perfectly fine now.

Crabby All Year saw some heavy rotation time this week.  I am determined to get the stitching done this weekend.  I plan on leaving the stitching chair as little as possible.  Yes, I'm stitching upside down again.

My Heirloom Nativity got a few hours on Sunday.  I just have to finish up the line of text and I can move up to another band of specialty stitches and there will be shepherds above that.

On Monday I put more time into my L*K SAL project, Christmas ABC's.  I am so close to finding that upper left hand corner!

And, since I finished up Bless Our Home, that meant a new start for the at work project.  I started in on Something Wicked.  Not much to show, but I'm liking the brown on the green.  I think this will turn out very very well.

I've spent some time stitching on the StitchMate.  Becoming a two handed stitcher is going to take some practice.  Right now I'm kind of at the 1 and a half hands point.  When stitching a row of /////'s, I can use my left hand on the back of the fabric no problem.  But when I'm coming back with the \\\\\'s I have to use my right hand front and back.  The stitches don't look so nice when I use my left hand on the back for those.  I did try left hand on top for a while, but that drove me crazy!!!  I'm much more efficient when I can't see what lefty is up to behind the scenes. Go figure.

Hugs and Stitches,


katica said...

great progress on all your projects!

in regards to two handed stitching, which is your dominate hand? right or left?

I find it much easier to stitch two handed with my dominant hand (right for me) on the bottom and the not so domminant one (left for me) on top where I can see what its doing.

It does take practice though :O)