Sunday, October 30, 2011

My stitching week in review...

Well, Monday came and went, and I gave stitching on Christmas ABC's a skip.  I did do some stitching, but it was to put the hem back into my Renaissance Costume.  I accidentally caught it on something when I went to the local Rein. Faire a year or so ago.  The ward Halloween social was coming up and I wanted to dress up a little bit, so I figured it was about time to sit down with a sharp needle and re-hem my dress.  So that's what took my time on Monday night.

Something happened on Tuesday, so I didn't get any stitching in either... But I can't remember what it was!  I guess it wasn't that important.  The ward Halloween social was on Wednesday, so that was another day without stitching.  But Thursday!  That's when I was able to get back to stitching.

Here is the progress on my at work project, Something Wicked by La-Di-Da.  More boot.  And there is alot more boot left to stitch.  I'm really enjoying the purple I'm using for it.  I'm even trying to figure out what else I can use it for...  I'm sure I'll come up with something wonderful!  I'm sorry the picture is so dark.  I'm not sure how that came to be as all the lights were on in my room when I took the picture...

Flower Power saw some good time at the end of the week.  Here is where I was Saturday evening:

I am trucking right along on that second flower.  I thought the above would be my progress picture for the week, but I actually sat down this afternoon and watched some episodes of The Muppet Show that I have on DVD and worked at it some more.

The empty spot on the petals to the lower left is where a humming bird wing is going to go.  I was trying to decide if I wanted to pause in the middle of the flower and do the humming bird or not.  I thought I might have to roll the scrolls a little bit to finish up the last bit of the flower.  I decided to stitch the white reflection of the last petal up and find out.  As it turns out, I can finish up this flower without rolling the scrolls.  So I'll finish this flower and then do the hummer, and then roll and move on to the next bit of the pattern.  (So far no counting errors on this flower! *knocks on wooden desk*)

And here is the Heirloom Nativity progress from earlier today.  More snow and a pine tree.  I think next week it'll be a sheep and maybe a start on a shepherd.  I still think those shepherds a bit silly being out in the snow and all...

Heirloom Nativity has a section of hardanger at the bottom of the pattern.  I've been a little... not qutie worried really... slightly concerned?...  something like that... about doing the hardanger when I get to that point.  (It hasn't been occupying a lot of brain time since it is so far away.)  Anyway, on Friday I received a newsletter for the local knit/needlework shop, and they are offering hardanger classes in November.  I called up my bff LMS and she was going to call me to see if I wanted to take the class with her.  Well we are all signed up and will be taking the class together on Tuesday evenings.  Woo-hoo! I'm very excited.

Satuday evening, I decided to wander over to Hobby Lobby to see if I could find something Halloweeny to put on the end of my Halloween scissor fob I made a few weeks ago.  I didn't figure there would be much selection in the first place, but thought that there would be less stuff if I wanted until after the holdiay.  Mom decided she would come along for the ride.  This is what I found to finish off the fob:

A retro spooky purple cat with a 'diamond' collar.  It's purrrrrrfect!  Mom also found some pretty cotton thread to tat some bookmarks for her friends in the quilt group she goes to.  I told her I wanted to learn how to tat a little bit.  Nothing fancy, really, just some bookmarks is mostly what I had in mind.  So after hardanger classes are over, I think I'll give learning how to tat a go.  Mom has quite the collection of shuttles and what-not, so I won't have to buy any equipment.

Have a happy and save Halloween, and a good week of stitching!
Hugs and Stitches,


Kaisievic said...

Great post - full of lots of news. Love your retro purple cat.

Hugs, Kaye xoxox

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on your projects. Love your purple cat.

cucki said...

yup..great progress on all your projects..well done xxx

♥ Nia said...

Good progress on your wips!
Have a great week and tonight.. a very very spooky time ;) Happy halloween!!