Sunday, July 17, 2011

Stash Aquisition and my new stitching corner

Not too long ago I got a call from the ladies over at the Craft Center to say that they had received the last portion of the Jardin Prive Bouquets Sampler that I needed.  I had previously picked up sections I and III, and now they had II for me.  Yay!  Of course,, one cannot simply go into a stitchy shop and only walk out with what you went in for.  Here is everything that came home with me:

You'd never guess that I really like Lizzie*Kate designs now would you?  I'm thinking of doing up the stitcher in residence pattern and having mom help me finish it off into a small banner/quilt and then hang it on the door to my bedroom.  Maybe I'll got gather up the flosses and what not for it as soon as I'm done here.  And then maybe I'll stitch on it on Mondays as part of the Lizzie*Kate Lovers Block stitch along. ... I read the blog, but I haven't joined it yet to do some posting.  But that's okay.

Here is my new stitching/computering corner in my room.  Not nearly as big as having a whole room to oneself do to these things.  But really, what can you do when you get to start all over again?  I really am very grateful to have parents who are happy to take me in again. ... Anyway, my stitching corner:

Needs work, eh.

Oh yes! Here is an update on Halloween Rules!  I worked on this over the fourth of July weekend.  I'll get back to it next weekend.

Hugs and Stitches,