Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Some stitching progress

How is summer treating everyone?  I understand that it's hot and miserable in most parts of the US.  We've just been having typical summer weather here in Utah.  I love the pop up thunderstorms we get in the evenings.  Today we had a real gully washer come through.  It dropped about an inch of rain in 30 - 45 minutes.  I like to stop what I'm doing for a while and watch it rain.

I made some pretty good progress on Bless Our House this week.  It helped that it was Crafty-Stitchy night with the Girls, so I got some extra time in on it.  (Although what we really did was go out to the Cheesecake factory for dinner and stuff ourselves silly.  It was sooooooo good, though.)  Here's my progress.  The blue is just going in very very fast.  I like it.

I also got some good time in on Mary this week.  She is turning out quite well, and little baby Jesus is all done.  I'm still trying to decide how I want to finish these all off.  The leaflet shows them as little standup figures, but I don't know... maybe a flat-fold finish?  I've never done one of those before and am a little apprehensive about trying something new on one of these.  I think if I had a bit more money I'd send it off to one of the ladies who do beautiful finishing work.  Anyway... enough rambling on that...

And lastly, I managed a half hour on Cross Stitcher in Residence for the Monday night L*K stitch-a-long.  It was a good half hour too.  I'm hoping to sneak in another few minutes tonight after I finish this up.  I'm pleased with my choice of colors.  I normally end up choosing a color that just doesn't mesh with the rest of them, but so far, so good.

I didn't get to stitch on either of the big projects this weekend.  Instead I walked about 14,500 steps.  We sorted through all my possessions in the garage, reorganized everything, and put some of it back in the garage, some of it downstairs in the rock room (there's something that will need an explanation some time...), and some of it in the room I used to occupy.  We made a big pile of stuff to donate to charity, and there is some stuff that I need to sell.  All in all, we made some good progress.

I do beleive that's all for tonight.  Hugs and Stitches everyone!