Sunday, June 26, 2011

Events and Goings On, a Catch up post

Oh where to start...

I put my house on the market back in May, around the 15th or so.  Then started the process of open houses and showings and what not.  I received a good offer on the condo last week, and after offering a counter offer they accepted and the house is now officially under contract.  Hurray!  I've gone through the inspection (yet to see the report, but I don't expect anything much in it) and I believe the appraisal is going to happen this up coming week.  I am ready to start the serious packing as the "big load out" is to take place July 9th, with closing on the 18th.  (I want that extra weekend for just-in-case, emergency-backup time.)  I am so tired of having strange people traipsing though my house and things never being in the spot I left them... Or the a/c never being on in the evening when I left it on in the morning.

I am now sort of employed.  I  have a long term temporary job with a large company doing Data Analysis stuff.  They are converting from several different old legacy databases to Oracle.  I am working with the Supply group and specifically working with the Vendors that are entered into Oracle.  The goal is to have only one named vendor (FedEx for example) but many addresses (since FedEx has several locations to order from but typically one payment site) to help out the purchasers and the accounts payable folks.  Some days are more challenging than others, and some days are mind numbingly dull.  I will have to say that over all I like it.  My immediate supervisor is a delight and she is trying to get me hired on permanently.  I'm good with that.

My brother proposed to his long-time girlfriend and it looks like we are going to have a wedding in September.  I really like her and am excited for them.  I should buckle down with my eating and exercising and try to drop about 10 pounds.  Oh I'll still be a fluffy woman, but I won't be oddly stuck between sizes like I currently am. ... However, I could just eat myself in to a coma and gain 10 pounds and get out from in between sizes. ...  I think dropping weight is probably a better idea.

A few weeks ago, the lovely Jennifer of Confessions of a Serial Starter was having a give away for her 3rd Blogoversary.  I entered on a whim and was greatly surprised to find out that I'd won the drawing!  I never win anything, so this was a really big big surprise.  I'll be sure to show off a picture when it arrives.  I must confess that I'm not really stalking my mailbox.  I'll probably forget about it until the envelope arrives and then be surprised again.  Go check out her blog.  It's delightful!

This past Friday I went with part of my department to see The Blaze.  They are the local arena football team.  They were planning the trip the first week I was working with them, and I said I would go since I didn't want to be 'that person' of the group.  You know, the one who doesn't go to anything or socialize with anyone...  Anyway, as the date for the outing got closer, and after the tickets were purchased more and more people of the department had to drop out for other commitments.  I ended up with another ticket and called up one of my good friends and she could come along with me to the game.  We had a great adventure.  We rode the local light rail for the first time, and it was my first time to arena football.  I like regular football and arena football moves faster and just as much fun.  We had a good time and I met some people from work who don't necessarily work directly with my department.

Saturday night and I was off with another good friend to see her husband in a production of The Drowsy Chaperone.  I saw a production of this about a year ago at the Hale Centre Theatre and was prepared to be disappointed since the quality of the Hale's productions is very high.  This production of Drowsy was preformed by a little community theater, the Springville Playhouse, and the whole cast did a great job! They, of course, didn't have the same budget as the Hale does, but Springville did a great job.  The staging was inventive where it needed it, and the interaction with the audience was delightful.  My friends husband was was playing the part of Aldolpho and truly hammed it up.  He was a over the top and hilarious.   The actor who portrayed Man in Chair was really good as well.  He chatted up the audience, in character, during the intermission. I think this may be my new favorite musical.  The old favorite is Guys and Dolls. I might have to get the album.

And that's about that... and a little bit more.  I do wish I had a little dog to take pictures and write about.  Maybe once I get moved 'home' to Mom and Dad's house I can talk them into getting another Sheltie.  That'd be awesome.


Charity Bradford said...

Congratulations on selling the condo! And the new "sort of" job. It has to feel good to have some spending money again.

Is this B or A getting married? I keep losing track.