Sunday, June 26, 2011

Report on Other Stitching

I was moving slowly but surely on Red, White and Bloom at work.  And then I went and left it at my parents house.  So no work on it this past week.  Here is how far I've gotten on it.  The 15 minutes or so I have to stitch on it each day at work just isn't enough.  (Then again, is there ever enough time to stitch?)
Luckily I had another project tucked away in my desk at work, so I put a few minutes here and there into Bless our House, also by Country Cottage Needleworks.  It really doesn't look like much, and you won't see more of this until I get down with Bloom... Unless of course I leave them home from work again. (I take them home on Friday so I can get a picture of them.)
Moving along with my alternating weekend of Halloween Rules and Crabby All Year... Last weekend was Halloween Rules weekend and I got the first two blocks all nice and finished up.  I'm still totally in love with this fabric.
This weekend was Crabby All Year's turn to be worked on.  I finished up the last brown weed in the Weeds block and got some nice progress in on the Leaves block.  I have hope that this will be done in time for Christmas so I can give it to my Mom. 
Thanks for wandering by!