Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weekend Stitching

Hurrah for the Weekend!  (I cheer as it's Wednesday and here I am just getting around to submitting and update for the weekend past.)  I've been so much busier than I have for the past year and a quarter with the temporary job.  I just don't know what to think.  I do like the job, even though the actual work is dull.  What I really don't like is the loss of time in my day!

Anyway... I worked on Red White and Bloom while on my lunch break, and then finished up the 'white section' on Saturday.  I'll work on the 'bloom section' while at work, but I don't think I'll work on it on the weekends.  I really want to get more progress done on Halloween Rules... and Crabby All Year for that matter.

I got a good amount of work done on my last Freestanding Nativity Piece.  This is Josephs coat and staff.  The little girl who sits in front of me in church watched the progress again this week.  She wanted to know why I was making Joseph and Mary and Jesus.  I told her that I loved baby Jesus and His family.  I asked her if she loved her family to, (she said yes), and if she loved Jesus as well (another yes from her).  Kids are just so cute at that age. (I think she's in the 4 to 5 age range.)

And here is Halloween Rules.  I swear I did work on it!  I know it doesn't look like I did.  But in addition to my job, I've been working at the Temple on Saturday mornings, so that's another half a day where I used to stitch that I don't anymore.  I work on two blocks at a time as that's how much fits into my hoop at a time.

Today I wandered over to the Craft Center of Fine Stitchery to place a pre-order for the new collector ghingers that are going to be released in September.  I don't really collect them, but if I see a design that I like, I'll pick it up.  While I was there I saw they had a couple parts for the Bouquet Sampler, so I picked those up and put my name down to be called when they got the missing part in.  I also picked up a little sugar bowl that they've made into a scissor holder, and an old creamer that they've made into a pin cushion.  I couldn't resist the pin cushion.  It has pansies on it.

I also picked up Button Button by Country Cottage Needleworks.  I mean... how could I not?
I really need to get back to enforcing my stitching budgets for each month.  I think I've officially spent the budget for the rest of the year.  If only the designers could refrain from releasing more patterns that appeal to me.  They can release all the designs they want that don't appeal to me, I'm cool with that.