Sunday, January 13, 2013

Turtle Trot, January

How nice that the Turtle Trot report coincides with the usual Sunday stitching update.  For more information on the turtle trot, click on the picture of a turtle there to the left.  I need to get my list together of what I'll stitch on for the turtle trot, but in all honesty, it pretty much looks exactly the same as the WIPocalypse list.  Maybe I'll just update that tab a little more.

I'm working on the backstitching for the Owls Birth Record.  Little baby girl is due on the 20th and I'm very close to finishing this up.  I'm sure she won't mind if I'm a few days behind her arrival on finishing it up.  Her parents haven't settled on a name for her yet, but they have brought up one that I really like.  I wonder if I stitch that on before she arrives if it will stick...

Things are looking good on Santa's Village.  I've got a start on the Poinsettia house and I'm hoping I counted right!  I'll be way bummed if I come along and figure out that I put the first snowflake in the wrong place because everything else I've done has been counted off of it. 

I think I'll wait until the end to add all the buttons on.  Much safer that way.  I won't be trying to position my hoop away from them.

In other goings on, it's been snowy here again.  And the temperatures have plummeted, again.  It's clear and bright and sunny and about 3 degrees.  Brrrrrrr....  Toby has been having to use the treadmill to get his exercise in.  He doesn't like it so much but is getting better at tolerating it.  I'll try and get a picture of him on the treadmill next time for you to see.

Which reminds me of another little exercise challenge I joined/made up.  It's the 1000 miles of Cardio in 2013 challenge.  I need to put up a tab, or update the Lose to Cruise tab (which needs to be updated anyway) to include this.  It started simply enough, my Aunt decided to go for 1000 miles of Cardio in 2013 and I loved the idea so I 'joined' up.  Then one of my good friends on the Lose to Cruise group joined up to.  It's a great big challenge of 3 people!  You can join too! Anyway... I want to report that thus far in 2013 I have logged 58.64 miles of the challenge and have 941.36 more miles to go.  If I keep at this pace, I should hit the 1000 mile mark sometime in October.  Keen!

Work is going well, I'm getting better and better at knowing what I'm supposed to be doing. And the property managers of the 12 properties I keep the books for are getting better and better at knowing what they're supposed to be doing.  It's got a full range of accounting tasks to do and I really like that.  We are moving our offices to a different building (across the parking lot) so Friday was spent trying to get reports out and packing up the few belongs I had at the office.  It was kind of crazy.

This week is Crafty Stitchy Night with the girls, something I'm looking forward to.

Hugs and Stitches,


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on both of your projects.

cucki said...

yup great progress xx

Astrids dragon said...

Your owls are cute, how exciting when you get to add a name!

I'm really liking Santa's Village, it looks great.

Claudette497 said...

Your projects are looking good! I'll join your thousand miles. I'm rehabbing a knee injury that refuses to get better, so I may only make it to 100, lol. It can't hurt to try!