Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Purple Nails

Yes, yes, yes.  I haven't done a nail post in awhile... not that they were/are a major part of this blog so that's okay.  I'm still cheerfully on about my new little obsession.  I haven't had any brilliant ideas so I haven't been taking many photos, but I did a series over the past week that I really liked.  I found a purple that I really like.  It looks good with my complexion and I'm tempted to just wear it all the time!

First off I paired it with a purple/purple glitter on my tips.  The contrast wasn't too much and I really enjoyed it.  Mr. Trainer teased me about being all purple so he did notice.

Since my nailes are really bendy I can only get a two days wear in before the polish (which isn't bendy) starts to chip and flake off.  So Friday evening I took the polish off of all the nails that were too chipped (all but pinkie fingers) and simply threw on a plain coat of Amatyst Ablaze.

Sunday evening I added tips of Sinful Colors Frenzy (I think) to my right hand.  I just free handed them in a sloppy whatever goes sort of fashion.  I was seeing a bit of tip wear, so it was more just to cover the tips since the rest of the polish was holding on pretty good.  And I can't take a good picture of my right hand with my left hand.  I tried and tried and tried and this fuzzy pic is the best one I managed!

Then on my left hand I did a single coat of Frenzy over the whole nail.  It doesn't really hide the tip wear, but I'm enjoying the little turquoise and pink glitters.  I'm probably the only one who does notice tip wear so for the next few days, and until the polish chips off full scale, I'm going with it.

Last week I also wore a white base with a blue crackle on top.  It was definately a fun one and scored points with Mr. Trainer for being Cowboys colors.  I bought a purple and mauve crackle top this weekend at Target and I'm looking forward to wearing them sometime in the up coming weeks.

Now, since the Cowboys really aren't my team and the 49ers are, I'm debating on whether I need to get me some red and gold polishes and do something for the superbowl.  My sister and I are planning our Superbowl party menu.  Which is kind of funny since 1) it's a party of her and I, and 2) we don't get TV so we can't watch the actual Superbowl!  Oh well, that won't stop us from eating unhealthy food, and lots of it.

Hugs and Polish,


Caitlin Jordan said...

gorgeous nails :D I love the colour purple.