Monday, February 11, 2013

Really Big Game Snack-a-thon

In the run up to the Really Big game, my sister and I prowled blogland and Pinterest in search of snacks and yummie things to cook up.  We had made our selections, had gone out shopping for the bits we needed, and were all ready to eat ourselves silly last week.  Then a neighbor and really good friend of the family called up and invited us over to dinner on game day.  Well that put a bit of a kink in our plans.  We of course accepted the invite to dinner and put on hold our snack-a-thon.

After the running around on Saturday, we decided it was time to eat.  And here is what we made:

From back to front we have Bacon wrapped Chicken with a Spicy Sweet glaze, Onion dip with Potato chips and Triscuts for dipping, Pretzel bites, and Pizza Wheels made up our selection of savory selection.

For sweets we made up a big batch of Muddy Buddies, and purchased some Loft House sugar cookies.  Oh yummy.

Since the Really Big Game was over with, we settled in and created a mini marathon of watching Top Gear off of Netflix.  The Chicken-Bacon was really, really good and really quite easy to put together.  I'm looking forward to eating some of the leftovers for lunches this week.  This is something we will make again.  Oh, and those British car guys are hilarious.

I'm really glad it's the end of the season of excuse eating.  Time to really focus in on the weight loss thing.  Since I haven't reported in on the 1000 mile cardio challenge in a couple of weeks, right now is a good time to do it.  Thus far I have covered 187.13 miles and have a mere 812.87 left to go.  Fun fun fun.

Hugs and Snackies,


cucki said...

Yummyyy :)
Have fun x