Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Cakebites? What?

In conjunction with the Really Big game, Mr. Trainer and I made a silly bet on the game.  Should the 49ers win, he declared he'd give me a free session.  If the Ravens won, I would have to bring him a chocolate milk and a bag of shelled pistachios.  As we know, the Ravens won so I had to pay up.  No biggies.  I maintain that the 49ers would have won had they decided to show up for the game in the first quarter instead of waiting for the fourth quarter.  But that's really neither here nor there.

Tuesday after the game, the first thing Mr. Trainer said when he collected me for our session was "I've got some candies for you, three or four flavors, but you have to promise to only eat one a day."  I said okay and didn't really think any more of it.  I figured it was a handful of jolly ranchers candies or some such.  It was near the end of the session when he ran over to the trainer session and brought out a long thin box.  I was a bit confused because it definitely wasn't jolly ranchers.

"I thought you'd be heart broken since your 49ers lost the Super Bowl" he said as he presented me what turned out to be a box of cakebites from The Sweet Tooth Fairy.  I had to laugh.  Sure I like football and I enjoy rooting for the 49ers, but my life doesn't live or die by how my team does.  I gave Mr. Trainer a bite and took a picture of the box before I left the gym.

And I did manage to eat one a day.  And they were delicious.  My team can loose all the time if I get a box of cakebites out of it.

The otherday I decided to put on the larger of my two goal dresses that I bought for stupid cheap.  It fit! Mostly.  So long as I don't sit down and don't eat anything.  I tried and tried to get a decent picture of me in the dress, but wasn't very successful.  (See the frown of concentration.)  However if you squint and use your imagination you'll see it's looking good.

One note about the dress, the company that makes it their sizing runs to the small side of things.  The dress is numbered as a 12, but it's a small 12 perhaps a large 10.  When I started this journey I was wearing a size 24.  I'm feeling pretty good about things.

Hugs and Cakebites,


Charity Bradford said...

!!Amazing and congratulations! I'm so proud of you for working so hard to lose and maintain this new you!

And cakebites sound yummy.

Thoeria said...

Oh those look just yummy!!! Well done on the weight loss :) I've been on my own journey since last year May and have also moved from a 24 - now a 14! So I fully understand what an achievement it is toput that dress on and seeing that it fits! Keep it up!