Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Traveling Traveling Pattern

So I threw the traveling pattern in my bag this morning so that I could take a picture of it here and there about town. I don't know how well this is going to work as I'm not much of a picture taking person in the first place... But I remembered to get one in today. Here we are on the balcony of the Uffizi Gallery with the the Palazzo Vecchio in the background.

And here I am sometime later enjoying a peach gelato. Sooooo tasty!

I have walked past the stitchy shop twice now and it has been closed both times. Tomorrow (Monday) we are going out to Cinque Terra for a day trip which leaves Tuesday as the last day to stop by the shop and hope it's open. I really had wanted some stitching products from Italy as part of my souvenirs.

Today, we spent a ton of time at the Uffizi Gallery and looked at a lot of art. We then went up and saw the David at the Academia. After we looked at the sculpture and all of the art there we can safely say that we have hit art overload.

It's now about 7 o'clock and time to get out and get out last gelato of the day. Strawberry or Pineapple? Or maybe a bit of each?

Hugs & Stitches,


Anne said...

Kay you are really taking the "traveling" part seriously! LOL! I love the picture of you, the traveling pattern and the Palazzo Vecchio! Mmm! Peach Gelato! Have lots of fun!!!

Thoeria said...

That is what I'd call a genuine travelling pattern Great pics!

Mangogirl said...

mmm gelato and cross stitch :) heaven!