Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stitch Stitch, Hurray!

It was a good week. I was busy, I did stuff. I'm looking forward to less busy weeks where I can stitch on stuff more. That would be really good. Why don't they pay people to stay at home and stitch? Wouldn't that be a dream come true?

Kathy's Violets didn't see a lot of time at work this week because 1) it was a short work week, 2) I left the project home on Tuesday, and 3) we were very busy at work.  I did finish up those Algerian eyelets and started on the border of the pansy.  This is the Anchor floss quadrant I'm working on, and I continue to feel that it's pretty much the same as DMC as far as my stitching experience goes.

Next up is Garden of Love.  I know for a fact I'm going to run out of flosses in the pink since I only bought them in a simple kit and then decided to stitch it with two instead of the one strand recommended.  And I'm a little sad that the cream of the butterfly body doesn't show up so well against the Peach fabric I'm using on the background.  Maybe a wee bit of back stitching will be in order once I get a little further along.

I sat down one evening and practiced my tatting knots for a while.  I started at the big blue twisted picot and just kept going.  I'm not sure what I did to get the picot to twist like that, but I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to do that.  I will say that I am getting better at getting the knots onto the right thread and my tension is improving, but I am still moving at an incredibly slow rate.  That's okay though.  I've just started.  I can't expect to be perfect right from the get-go.

I have about come to the conclusion that I need a simple pattern to tat... for a book mark or something.  So I feel like I'm making something.  I hate making nothing when I'm learning new stuff.  I want to make something now!  I guess I'll have to poke around the tatting blogs some for an easy pattern.

And last, but certainly not least, is the monster we all know and love: Flower Power.  I am adding the first of three Stargazer lilies that are left.  I'm going to have to roll the scroll up and then down to get enough linen showing for the other two lilies.  Tomorrow is the WIPocolypse too,  so I guess I'd better go put in a few more strand of floss so it looks like I've done something between now and then.

Ugh.  It's another badly colored picture of Flower Power.  One of these days I'll figure out how to do color corrections. ... Or maybe not.

There are now 11 more sleeps until I get on that plane and head off for two weeks in Italy and Greece with my sister and Aunt.  Don't worry, my brother and his wife will be here at the house, it will not be empty so don't even try to burgle the place.  But I digress.  I have a list of stuff to get done longer than my arm and I'm not really sure where I'm going to get everything to fit!  But I am very excited to go.

On my list of things to get are walking shoes, Burmuda shorts, pajamas, and new bras.  First up was the shoe store and I tried on every low profile walking shoe that I could find.  I didn't really like any of them.  I don't want something too athletic looking, but I do want that kind of support. I'll have to keep looking.  Next up was the fat lady store (Lane Bryant) for all my other clothing needs.  Now, I can order the shorts online, but I really want to try them on first.  So I went into the store but they didn't have my size.  Next on the list was the pajamas.  Once again, the shop didn't have my size in the ones I wanted.  (Why does everyone have to buy the purple ones?  Purple is my color, people, keep your hands off of it!)  As to the bras, once again, nothing in my size.  It was a cheap shopping excursion.

Since the only problem with the bras is that the under wire is poking out, I'm toying with the idea of pushing it back in (which I've been doing this past week) and super gluing the thing in place.  It's not like I can really ruin the bra any more than it already is with the super glue...  At the best I'll extend the life of the bra until I get back from my trip and have more time to hunt down bras that fit.

My plants seem to be doing pretty good.  My brother installed the sprinkler for the lilac bushes the other day, and they seem to be pretty happy about things.  I have lost some of the alysium I planted out front.  I don't know if they got any water at all (even after I cut back the box wood) because they are all shriveled and dried up.  I guess I'll have to pull them out of the bed.  I need to go out back and check on the peonies.  I was out there the other day looking at the lilac bushes, I can't believe I didn't think to check out the peonies!

The family of humming birds has returned and is visiting the feeder again.  It's fun to watch them and when it's cool enough to have the door open to hear them zooming around out there.  It looks like we have one big one back from last year, plus two or three smaller birds that must be hatchlings.  The big one bullies the smaller ones around and sometimes doesn't let them get near the feeder.  They sure are fun to watch.

Off I go to work on Flower Power.  I have two whole hours to stitch before I need to go to bed.

Hugs and Stitches,


Stitching Noni said...

Hi Kay, my goodness you have been busy. Your stitching looks lovely & I saw all the hard work in the garden in your last post. Your shopping trip sounds like mine - never find anything in my size or anything that I like enough to buy! I like the idea of super gluing the underwire in your bra ;0). I have exactly the same problem with mine poking out!! Enjoy your holiday ;0)