Sunday, May 20, 2012

Crafty-Stitchy Night

The girls came over for Crafty-Stitchy night on Wednesday and we had a great time.  A couple of weeks ago when we went to Shepherds Bush LBH bought a beginners cross stitch kit and she brought that down to work on.  LMS and I had a good time talking her through the basic stitch and getting her set up with a needle and a hoop.  I don't know if LBH will be the addict that I am, but she did seem to enjoy working on her project.

LMS worked on Hares Summer while here.  After she rummaged through my stash of over dyed threads to find a brown for the bunnies that she liked.  The shade she had originally selected had a greenish tint to it, so her first bunny stitches had those rabbits looking like they were growing moss on them.  But before LMS could get started on her stitching, I asked if she could fix a hole I had in one of my sweaters.  She graciously accepted and here's the sweater, all mended.

She did such a fine job, I had to circle where she did the repair, otherwise you wouldn't think anything had been done to the sweater at all!  Of course I didn't think to take a picture of what the girls were working on.  But I did manage to take a picture of the Peanut Butter and Chocolate Crispy treats that I made for us to snack on. (There was a whole pan of these, I remembered to take a picture when there were only a few left.)

These things are AMAZING! And really easy to put together. Mom found the recipe at Your Cup of Cake, and I've linked to the recipe if you click on the blog name.

I put in some grid lines for the Long Spider project to take along with me on the cruise and then started Garden of Love by Citrouille's Designs.  I saw this on the 2012 year of smalls blog back in February when they were stitching on it.  I ordered the pattern and floss kit, but not the fabric.  I'm stitching it two over two on 28 ct. Peach Whisper linen.  The directions say to stitch with 1, but the coverage was not at all what I like so I started again with two.  This means that I am guaranteed to run out of floss before I'm done.  I'll have to bite the bullet and buy full skeins of the silks then, I guess.

So far, super cute!

Hugs and Stitches,