Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stuff I got up to this week

And it wasn't much on the way of stitching! But there was a lot on the way of shopping.

Monday started the week off when I got home and Mom wanted to go to Khols, so off we went. We looked at a ton of stuff, tried on nearly as much stuff, and I came home with a goal dress for the weight loss thing. It's nearly the right size. It fits everywhere except around my stomach. Another five to ten pounds should do it. It'll be perfect for the cruise.

The neck is a pretty deep v, so I added the white cami and since it's sleeveless, the black shrug. I love that dress!

I also bought some new work out gear. My old work out pants were in a really sorry state, and I was happy to find two pair of capri length pants that fit. The tops were an added bonus.

Wednesday was Crafty-Stitchy Night with the girls. We didn't do any crafting or stitching, instead we went out to dinner to celebrate a birthday. After eating we went over to Lane Bryant where I bought some tops, a sweater, and some cami's. LSM also bought some cute tops and a skirt that's just adorable.

Great spring colors and everything is a size smaller than what I purchased back in December.  (I also hit a different Lane Bryant store on Thursday to exchange a few pieces that the first store had in sizes too large that the second store had in the right size.)  After Lane Bryant the girls and I hit Target.  I bought some shoes that I'd been after, the necklace is Lane Bryant.  I'm trying to learn how to accessorize.

Today, Saturday, Mom and I were back out running errands and shopping.  We hit JC Penny where I picked up another t-shirt and a slip, and some other places where Mom found what she was looking for.

My new computer arrived back on Wednesday.  I need to sit down and move everything over from this one to that one.  Getting a new computer is awesome!  Moving data is a bit of a pain.

I need to get my centering mojo on and really stick down my sparkly 'K".

Hugs and Stitches,