Sunday, March 18, 2012

1 week closer to the Cruise!

My handy-dandy count-it-down ap told me that it's 90 days to my Excellent Italian Adventure this morning.  I all giddy and stuff.  We've got our flights and hotels selected and paid for.  All that's left to do is reserve our train tickets (but we have to wait until 60 days out for that) and decide just what we want to do on what day.  Tee hee!  I should specify that we are doing a 1 week pre-cruise tour of Florence and Venice Italy and then a week long cruise of the Grecian Islands. I should also clarify that this summers cruise is completely different from the Lose to Cruise cruise where I've been chronicling my attempts at weight loss.

Anyway, stitching, the real reason you've wandered by.  I managed to sit in with Flower Power on Monday and Tuesday of the week.  I put in all the green stems for the daisies and started in on the leaves.  And then the rest of the week was a little busy and I didn't stitch on anything!

I did do some stitching on Christmas ABC's at work, but I went and left it at work on Friday so I don't have an update picture of that. Speaking of work, it was employee appreciation day on Friday and they catered an amazing lunch for us. There were panini's in your choice of ham, turkey, or roast beef (or have a taste of each...) located in one conference room. In another conference room they were cooking up chicken chow mein bowls. And in a third conference room they had shrimp cocktails and crab legs! But the coup de grace were the doughnuts for desert. Yeah, I know... all that fancy food and doughnuts? Trust me. These were basic glazed doughnuts that had been fried and flambeed in a skillet, thus caramelizing the sugar of the glaze and rendering a nice crunchy texture to the outside of the doughnut. Add to this warm, crispy, carmelly doughnut some caramel ice cream and you are talking something akin to heaven. Oh. So. Tasty! How did I not gain any weight this week?

Monday at the gym brought the surprise that the corporate offices had decided to shut down the location that Mr. Trainer and I have been going to. Luckily there are a couple of other locations of the franchise close by that we can go to. I had a stress filled couple of days until he decided which location to go to, and I shall simply follow him there. Unfortunately it's a busier, more crowded location, but it was the best option after checking into a few different locations and what-not.  On a side note of the gym, I love my Kindle Fire.  I love to read along as I work out on the elliptical.  Time seems to go by a bit faster when I'm reading than it does when I'm just watching TV.

This computer is having issues, and has been for the past year or so. I've been nursing it along but the other day I'd finally had enough so I ordered up a new one. Luckily I'm getting some money back from taxes and that will cover the cost of the new computer. The new computer is going to be purple. Is anyone surprised? (Probably not.) I need a name for the new computer. Historically I've named the computers after dogs. So what is your dogs name? My computers have been: Zippy, Ernest, Baluba, Auggie, Colby, Murphy, and Alfie. I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few in there as Zippy was a 386 from back in the early 90's.

I've been asked what the name of the fabric is that I stitched Something Wicked on. I'm answering here since the dear questioner has a no-reply address. Here's an early progress picture of that piece so you can get a good view of the fabric.

Sadly, I don't know what the name is. I won it in a blog draw and the color name wasn't on the package. What was on the package was that it's a Silkweavers Solo. What with the problems that have been experienced since Silkweavers was bought by another company that little bit of fabric is really a great treasure.

 I think that's everything for this week.  Hope your upcoming week is a good one!

Hugs and Stitches,


Anonymous said...


Your Flower Power is looking great.

That fabric is amazing!

Your cruise sounds lovely.

happy stitching.

Lesleyanne said...

Great progress on both of your projects.

Joysze said...

Ooooooooh!!!! Cruise will be here before you know it. :D Counting down the weeks!!!! :D

I love seeing Flower Power. It's so beautiful. :D

Mangogirl said...

gorgeous stitching :D