Sunday, April 14, 2013

TUSAL and Turtle Trot

It's a two for one post today!

The new moon came and went back on the 10th, but it was today that I gathered up all my orts from all the little containers I keep them in and added them to the big vase.

Since I haven't added anything to the vase for a couple of months, the addition was big!  There are new little ort threads from all the projects I've been slowly working on. And since it's also time for the Turtle Trot report, here they all are:

I managed to stitch all of the Carve a Pumpkin block for Lizzie*Kate's Halloween Rules banner and started in on the Stay Up Late block.  I am using the called for threads and am stitching it over two on 32 counts Opalescent linen Wild Berries by Sassy's Fabbys.  I love the motled purples and I love the sparkley bits.

Heirloom Nativity by The Victoria Sampler is coming along nicely too.  I finished up all the angels and star at the very top of the banner and am now working along on some transitions bars in the bottom third.  I am also using the called for flosses but am stitching it on a 28 count linen that I think is called China Blue... or was it Delft Blue... It's light blue at any rate.  As soon as I finish these bars, it's another scene to do and then some Hardanger and done!  Maybe I'll get it done by Christmas.  If not this year, there is always next year!

I worked on Lavender Panises by The Silver Lining for two of the three Crafty-Stitchy nights that have come and gone since I last did a stitching update.  I can sort of make out where the change from one petal is to the next, but I expect that will come together once I get the back stitching done.  Sometimes as I work along on this pattern I really wonder about the flosses called for, thinking to myself "Can this really be right?"  Maybe it just looks odd since it's meant to be stitched over one and I'm working it over two on a nice bit of 32 count Waterlilies linen.

And the last little project that has seen some needle time is Santa's Village by Country Cottage Needle works.  I work on this a little bit here and there at work, and it got some good time on it at the last crafty-stitchy night.  I had thought I'd be able to do one of the houses a month, but I am seriously behind.  I should be working on the fifth house by now if that were the case... I'm just finishing up number two.  No worries thought, if it's not finished by this Christmas, there is always next year!

While in Vegas last week I did buy a wee bit of stash at Stitchers Paradise.  I am so proud of myself for not going crazy or overboard.  I picked up a couple of new releases by Lizzie*Kate (At our house and Chics) and a random floss pack from Crescent Colours.  It was fun to look through all their selection for Chicks since L*K packaged them all up with various bits of fabric.  I was able to choose the fabric I liked best instead of having it randomly selected for me had I ordered online.  There were some fabrics that I definitely didn't like at all.

And that's been my stitching since mid February.

Hugs and Stitches,


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress. Great new stash.

Monique said...

Lovely project and those threads are drool worthy.