Sunday, April 7, 2013

April 7th is January 1st

Well... somehow life went and got away from me and I've completely forgotten about posting to my wee little blog.  So here we are in April and I'm going to pretend like it's January 1st and go in with a new set of goals and resolutions and what not.  (It's my blog, I can make up the rules!)

I haven't been doing much stitching, so I don't have any pictures to show in that department.  Work is keeping me busy and the gym is keeping me exhausted.  The combination means that when I get home at night, I sit and stare at the TV for an hour or so before going to bed.  It really is too bad I can't stitch and walk on a treadmill at the same time.  Too much moving around to get that needle in the right hole with in a good time frame.

In March my parents came home from Brazil for a two week visit before heading back to finish out their mission.  They'll be home for good here in the beginning of October and it will be nice to have them back.  My sister is headed to San Antonio, Texas here in a month to start her first year of residency after graduating from medical school.  My brother and his wife are headed for southern Utah shortly after that so he can start his masters degree.  It looks like I'll be all by myself for a couple of months...  I'd better look into paying a neighbor kid to mow the lawn this summer since I'm hardly ever home to do it myself and I hate mowing the lawn anyway.

Today I'm in Las Vegas getting put together to head back home.  A friend of mine was running in one of those obstacle race things and a long time ago I said I'd come down with her.  She did fine in the race and I've seen a lot more of Henderson than I ever thought I would.  We ate at a buffet last night and had a nice time wandering around the strip Friday evening.  Since I don't gamble or drink, Vegas doesn't really offer much that I want to do or see, except for Cirque du Soleil shows but they'er a bit pricey for me right now.  I did stop by Stitchers Paradise here in Vegas and picked up Lizzie*Kate's new "We do" pattern.  I am really proud of the restraint I displayed.

I'm now an official employee at work, and not working through a temp agency.  The good thing is that I now have full benefits so it's back to the dentist and what not I go.  Yay!

So my goal for April/January is to keep up with my blogging and all the Stitch-a-longs that I joined back in December.  Maybe next time there will be pictures!!

Hugs and Stitches,


Stitching Noni said...

Lovely to see you! I don't know where this year is going... Time is just flying by at a great speed! So I know what you are saying about not having time for blogging.
Hope you manage to get some stitching time in soon though :)