Sunday, July 29, 2012

What I got up to July 16 - 22

I don't think my title is proper English, but I don't care. I should know better than to let a couple of weeks go by with out posting because it gets hard to get all caught up again. An further more, if I don't blog, I don't take pictures of my stitching!

Speaking of stitching, I worked away on the L*K mystery sampler for a few hours here an there. No picture, because I'm a lazy bones, but it's coming together nicely. LMS took a look at my satin stitching on it and said I was too critical and it looked fine, so I guess I'll leave it where it is. I'm glad she said it was fine because I really wasn't looking forward to ripping all that stitching out.

We has crafty stitchy night on the 18th. LMS and LBH came over as usual and we had a good time. LMS started in on Halloweenies by Plum Street Sampler and LBH finished up her first simple cross stitch and picked out her next project from all the random stash I had. I started out working on Garden of Love, but didn't get too far because the girls wanted a report on the Italy/Greece trip. I can't talk and stitch at the same time, and I did a lot of talking.

It was TUSAL day on the 18th, but I haven't managed to take a picture of the orts or their jar yet.  I might end up giving it a skip this month.  The weekend was also International Hermit and Stitch weekend, and while I did put a few stitches into the mystery sampler in the morning, I didn't really stitch on much of anything at all.

On Saturday, the girls (and their families) and I got together to go to a Bees baseball game.  They are the AAA affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels.  I grew to love baseball back when I was living in San Francisco and had a nice connection to some sweet tickets.  But I digress.  I had decided I wanted to go to a baseball game for my birthday.  LBH took on the project and we put a group together.  The blurb on the web page said we would receive a voucher for a hot dog, chips, and a drink, plus a cupcake for everyone in the group.  It also mentioned a visit by the mascot and a mention on the big screen between innings.  I didn't think the visit by the mascot would be anything much, as he'd come by a section of seats when I've gone to games before.

Well I was a bit wrong... first off, I was attacked by silly string!

As you can see it was not expected as I was trying to get some cash out of my wallet to go for snacks.  LBH's middle chile is the youngster in the font, the LBH's head, then me with wallet.  The back of LMS's head is there in the lower right.

Then I danced with Bumble to a song that was playing over the PA system as the next batter came up to bat.

(I don't know why it's coming up on it's side.  It was showing correct side up when I finished editing it.  The crazy grin is because I'm laughing.)  Then Bumble got a good portion of the section to sing happy birthday to me and signed a baseball for me.  Bumble's guide/protector/look-out then passed out the cupcakes to the group and they were off for their next birthday ambush.

Here I am with the girls.

Left to right: MD, moi, LBH and LMS.  In the case of MD and I, we've known each other since I was in second grade.  LBH, LMS and I got to be friends in seventh grade.  I don't have a googleplex of friends, but those I do have are keepers for sure!

The Bees lost the game, and the fireworks after the game were pretty cool.  I have to say that we had a great time and are already talking about doing it again next summer.

To finish off the night, my sisters dog was flying in.  The original arrival time was 11:30 pm, but because of equipment issues, he wasn't going to arrive until after 12:30.  The game and fireworks got over with shortly before 10:30.  What to do with 2 hours to kill?  Brother A and SIL K were having an open house, off we went to see if that party was still in swing.  It was.  I got to see their new house, has some snacks, chatted with them a bit and generally just killed time until it was time to go to the airport.

At the airport we located where we were to pick up the dog and waited for him to be off loaded from the plane.  I signed the paperwork and the lady said we could get him out of his kennel if we had a leash, which we did.  He was very happy to get out of the crate!  He is a bit skittish of machinery and tried to get as far away from a baggage carrousel as he could.  Brother B and SIL A decided to take the crate up to the parking garage in the elevator, I decided to take the stairs.

Across the main drop off/pick up road of the airport is a sky bridge with an area to walk down in the center and moving sidewalks on either side.  The middle bit was closed off (it looked like they were redoing the tiles on the floor), so the moving sidewalk was the only option but it was shut down and not moving.  I didn't think Toby would have any problem with this.  Wrong.  He hit the ground, legs splayed and in an attitude of 'I am no going across that, no way, no how.'  Hmm...  I got out a treat I had brought and tried to coax him across.  He wasn't going to move.  I was still trying to coax him along when Bro B and SIL A arrived (the elevator was ridiculously slow.)  Bro B scooped up the dog and carried him across the moving sidewalk. I took over carrying his side of the crate.

Here is Toby lounging in the kitchen the next day.  We think he's an Australian Kelpie and he's become my shadow.

That pretty much sums up that week.  Now on to documenting this past week!

Hugs & Stitches,