Sunday, July 29, 2012

More (not quite) mischief

The first thing that has changed with having Toby around is my wake up time. He's ready to get going around 4 am and I'm ready to get going around 8 am. (That's what unemployment will do for you...) So we've compromised at 6 am. I get up, get dressed and we go for an hours walk. This is good because I'm getting an hour of exercise in every day, and more exercise is more calories burned. Hurrah for burning calories! (I do continue to go to the gym in the afternoon/evenings.)

Toby telling me he's done playing outside and is ready to go back inside.  I couldn't tempt him to come down and play with the rope toy or the tennis balls anymore.

Playing tug-of-war with Brother B.  Toby will destroy a rope toy in a day or two.  We hide them from him when we aren't playing with him and give him a rawhide or nylabone to chew on when we're not playing.

I've been hanging out at the travel agency where the gal who helped me with the Italian/Greece trip works and loving it.  I've helped hunt down hotel rooms in Australia and Tahiti for clients.  I've research Italian bus trips for April, Baltic cruises for July, and German river cruises for September.  I've helped search for a cruise itinerary for some clients who had some specific ports they wanted to see and have generally loved every minute of it.  Too bad it isn't paid.  I've learned quite a bit about what it takes to do travel.  Too bad I don't have any substantial experience to get a position as a travel person for a larger company, nor do I have a client base to open up shop and do it on my own.  I stay there for about 4 or so hours a day in the mornings, and spend the afternoons looking for jobs in accounting.  (I do have a small nibble on a staff accounting job this upcoming week, but there really isn't much to report on it right now.  I need prayers and luck!)

Saturday evening was my high school's 20 year reunion.  I didn't go.  I went to Las Vegas instead.  You see, my favorite band was doing a show and I could either pay $50 for the dinner at the reunion, or $50 tickets to see the band.  The band won.

Saturday started early, around 5:10 am when my alarm went off and it was time to get up and get dressed for my Temple shift.  I was looking forward to getting back to the service, but less the wake up time.  My shift ended at 11:00 am and I rushed home, threw everything I needed into a bag and was out the door, in the car for the 6 hour drive south.  I had my camera with me and was feeling photography, so I took some pictures.  I will say that I pretty much help up the camera and pressed the button with out paying any attention to what was in the frame.  I was paying more attention to keeping on the straight roads.

I liked the look of the clouds more than anything. Big puffy rain clouds.

More clouds.

Clouds that are starting to look dark (to the left).

Storm clouds for sure.

Nice straight road... with rain clouds.

More straight road and more rain clouds.

So... Along this stretch of freeway the speed limit is typically 75 miles per hour.  There are a few sections of the road where you can go 80 miles per hour.  It's a speed demons dream, and I like to go fast.  The Fed Ex truck on the left was doing about 60 mph in an 80 mph zone.  This is not unexpected as the grade is actually up hill and he's pulling a fair load.  What is unexpected is the white Olds.  It is doing 61 mph in the 80 zone.  That's right.  Slow poke is trying to pass the truck at 1 mph faster than the truck is going.  Say it with me now.... ARRRRRRRGH!!  By the time we had eventually gotten around the truck, we were no longer in the 80 mph zone, there was a HUGE pile up of cars behind me, and white car DID NOT pull over to the right once he'd passed the truck!  Say it with me now.... ARRRRRRRGH!!  I believe that driving is not something you do passively.  You have to pay attention and keep an eye out on everything that's going on around you that includes behind you and on either side.  This guy was definitely not paying attention. I would have pulled his license if I could have.

Target vs. Wal-Mart.  Go Target Go!

More clouds and more scrubby central Utah landscape.

Starting to get into red rock country.

The hills to the left are igneous rock.  I think they are cool to look at.

Igneous rock in the foreground with sandstone/red rock mesa's in the background.

More red rock.  It's a sedimentary formation.

Red rock hills on the way into St. George.

A nice example of stratification and tectonic upheaval in the virgin river gorge.  And then I gave up with picture taking because I was into Nevada and the landscape is truly stark.

I think I must have gone through a time portal or something because it only took five hours to get to Las Vegas when it normally takes about six hours.  Yes, I am taking into account the time change between Utah and Nevada.  I was happy to arrive early because that meant that Retro Bakery was still open and so I picked up a half dozen of these beauties:

Oh baby!  And as a bonus, they were at a reduced price since it was quite close to closing time for them.  Amazing cupcakes for cheap!  Sweet!  Since I was so early, I went to my Aunt and Uncles house and dropped of my stuff.  We watched Olympic volleyball and ate dinner before it was time for me to wander off to the casino where the concert was going to be held.  I tell you, Nevada drivers are crazy when it comes to getting around the strip.  Cutting in, and getting out of line, and all sorts of bad driving behavior.  I was glad to finally make it into the parking garage and off of the streets.

Since I arrived late, I missed most of Cracker's set.  But that was okay, I didn't come to see them.  I had some nice tickets.  Fifth row balcony on the aisle.  I was pleased with my view. And since it was aisle, when the tall people with seats in front of me arrived, I was able to move so that I could see around them with out encroaching on anyone's space.

This is during the take down of Cracker's equipment and setting up of Big Head Todd and the Monsters set.  On the screen to the left and right of the stage is information about texting in a message to the screens that then scrolls along the bottom of the screen.  It was fun to watch the scroll.  I didn't text anything in, but thought about saying something like... "Better than my 20 yr hs reunion."

Big Head Todd and the Monsters played 7 or 8 songs.  Of those songs I recognized 2 songs that where theirs, and 1 song that they did a cover of.  The cover was of LMFAO's Sexy and I know it (or whatever it's called.)  They did it up with a blues riff and the crowed pretty much went nuts.

Next up was Blues Traveler.  They also did at set of 7 or 8 songs and I recognized 4 of their songs.  They were mixing it up with old stuff and then stuff off of an album that is due to come out sometime soon.  Their lead is an amazing harmonica player.  I did enjoy their set and the new stuff sounded good.

Here's a picture of the stage (a bit zoomed in) as they set up for the Barenaked Ladies, the band I came to see.  I enjoyed my seats in that I could also see off into the wings of the stage and see what the techs and roadies were up to.  I do love to see how things work.

The Ladies pulled off a great show.  It was a good mix of old a new cuts, big hits and lesser known songs.  They seem to have adjusted pretty well since the departure of Steven Page, but I felt he was really missed on some of the songs.  There was only one song that I didn't know, but they announced that it was new music.  I liked it, hopefully it'll be on the next album.  They did a lot of the usual stuff, an impromptu song, a song tease mix (where they squish lyrics from current songs together, usually done mostly a capella with one of the guys doing a beat box to keep time), a couple of songs 'unplugged', goofy dancing, and dodging the underwear, stuffed monkeys, and kraft dinner the crowd threw on stage.  I smiled, danced, and sang right along (but not too loud).

When it was over, it back in the car to Uncle N and Aunt J's house and finally some sleep.  For those of you keeping track, I got up at 5 am Utah time.  I got back to their house and to bed about 2:15 am Utah time.  Missing a 24 hour day by about 3 hours.  Good thing I didn't have to be up nearly so early today.

No stitching for me this past week.  Been busy with checking out the travel agency and walking the dog and all that good stuff.  Hopefully I'll get back to it next week.  I'm close to finishing off the first installment of the L*K mystery sampler, and I think the second part is due to be released pretty soon.  But most of all, I need a job.

Hugs and Stitches,

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If you click on the photo, a little, um, menu (it's sideways, not a drop down) will come up. (Click on your pics under edit or write, not after it's posted.) One of those options is caption. You type in the caption, and move on to the next!

cucki said...

yummyyyyyyyyyy cup cakes..
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Just found your lovely blog.

Those cakes look lovely!

All your photos are stunning!
Toby is lovely!