Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hardly Stitched At All

And that's the sad, sorry truth.  Fact of the matter is, I can't really remember what I did this week in the evenings that I didn't stitch.  Hmmm... I must have mucked about on the computer.  Typical.

Christmas ABC's, the at work project, saw the usual amount of time, and I'm really pleased at how it's coming along.  A few more months and maybe I'll have a finish of it to show.

I didn't substitute for any of out other teachers at church today, so I was able to put some good time into Heirloom Nativity.  The green tree to the left, and the sheep were added.  There's just something peaceful about stitching and hearing the word of God at the same time.  I love it.

Tuesday I worked a little bit on Kathy's Violets, or the floss type sampler.  I'm still working with Cosmo floses on these sections and I'm still loving Cosmo.  It's so soft and it pulls through so nicely.  I found a good conversion for my missing purple last week.  I'm pleased how this is turning out.  So very nice.

And lastly, I did manage to put some time into Flower Power.  I find I miss this project after a few days of not stitching on it.  I finished up one of the two leaves that I need to complete before doing a massive amount of backstitching on this section.  I have about 20 or so more stitches to go on the second leaf and then I think next week will be a backstitch-a-thon.

 The white spots are from the sunshine streaming in the window and reflecting off of the bed that's behind the project.  I managed to block most of the brightness with my own shadow, but not nearly enough.  It'll be time for a roll once I get the backstitching done on this section.

In other news... I have a job interview on Tuesday.  I'm very excited and hopeful that this job will be a good fit and I'll be offered the position.  Right now I'm working as a temp, which is okay, but I sure would like to earn some paid time off and have health insurance.

I also showed my trainer where the Lose to Cruise page is.  I haven't decided if this was a good or bad idea.  He can now check up on me independently.  When he looked at it on Friday, I was still having a good week and got challenged to hitting 189 by the end of February.  I guess we'll see.  Just so long as we don't have anymore weeks when I do everything I should and gain weight.  Yeah, major bummer.

Have a good week everyone!
Hugs and Stitches,


Lesleyanne said...

Lovely progress on your wips. Good luck with your job interview on Tuesday.

cucki said...

good luck with your job interview..
lovely stitching progress xx

Joysze said...

Good luck with the interview, Kay. Stitching looks great. :)

Patches said...

Lovely work. Good luck with the interview

Mangogirl said...

goodluck with the interview. Great stitching.